Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Birthday Gift Ideas for a 3 Year Old

This Sunday, LO will be celebrating his 3rd birthday, so of course, I have been doing a lot of browsing online and also, when I've had chance, in various stores too, to find some inspiration for what to get for him as a present. I don't know why but I've found it harder than ever this year to know what to get for him. I think because he already has a lot of toys, and we are quickly running out of places to store them, I have really needed to think carefully about what to get for him without going overboard like I do most years. 

We tend to get him a 'main' present (this year it's a slide for the garden) and then normally, some sort of educational present too like a puzzle or wooden toy which he can play with as he wants. Here are a few of my ideas for 3 year olds, but they would equally be great for other age groups too. Hopefully it might provide you with a bit of inspiration if you're a bit stuck for ideas. 

Friday, 15 July 2016

{The Siblings Project 16} Brothers in July

These two boys of mine have been brother for 6 months now and as I look back over my photos of them together over those 6 months, aside from Little L changing and growing lots, the first thing I notice is just how much you can tell their bond has grown. Their bond hasn't always been so close and back in January and February LO found it quite hard having a new baby around. But thinking back to that time just makes me even prouder of him, knowing how hard he found it at first and seeing how much he has grown up. As their mama, I've felt so privileged and honoured to watch them grow together as brothers, to witness how their relationship has evolved and to see their love grow day by day. 

Sunday, 10 July 2016

{The Ordinary Moments 16} #22 'Nearly 3...'

I can't believe that this month, LO will be turning 3. In many ways, I struggle to work out how the past three years have gone by so quickly, yet at the same time it feels like LO has always been a part of our lives and I really can't remember what life was like without him.  I'm not sure what we used to do with our time before we had children. I think that before we had children (when I was a teacher and in the few moments when I wasn't busy with all that) we were really lazy and just spent a lot of free time watching TV or boxsets. But what I do know is that since he came into our lives on that warm and humid July night three years ago, our lives changed forever. 

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Petits Trésors Jewellery Review & Giveaway

Choosing and wearing a piece of jewellery is something which I think is a very personal and special thing. Bar my engagement ring and wedding ring, I tend not to wear much jewellery on a day to day basis, just because it's not part of my routine. But when I do wear it, I love for it to be a special or statement piece, and for there to be a story behind it- be it the ring I was given by Mr F for my 21st birthday, a statement necklace chosen for me by my sister for my birthday or the most delicate personalised necklace engraved with the names of my two baby boys which they gave me for Mother's Day. Every time I wear those pieces of jewellery, I am transported back to the moment I received it, and each one tells it's own little story- no matter how much or how little it cost. 

Thursday, 30 June 2016

{Me and Mine} A Family Portrait Project 16: June

For once I was actually really organised with our Me and Mine photos for this month- they were very impromptu and taken back in the middle of the month by my sister after we had been out for a lovely Father's Day lunch at a place called Hawthorne Farm near Leeds Bradford airport. The sun was shining, we were all together and we had someone with us to take a family photos so it was a perfect opportunity to grab some photos. I normally take them on my DSLR but sometimes it's nice to just capture a special moment spontaneously on the nearest iPhone! And these most definitely capture us on a very happy, family day- Mr F's 3rd Father's Day but his first as a daddy to two little boys. We'd been out for a walk in the morning and to spot some aeroplanes taking off and landing (one of LO's most favourite things to do). 

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Britmums With a Baby 2016

I've now been blogging for just over two years and absolutely love it. It really has become a huge part of my life. Exactly a year ago, I attended my first ever blogging conference to Blogtacular 2015, and while I enjoyed it, I did feel a little out of my depth with it all for some reason and I came home feeling a little more than deflated. A week later, and Britmums was held is London, and after seeing and hearing all about it on social media, I wished I had booked a ticket for that, so of course, as soon as the early bird tickets went on sale for Britmums 2016, I jumped at the chance. 

I had been so excited for weeks leading up to Britmums this year, not only because it was my first time attending the event, but also because I was really excited to catch up with blog friends and meet the other lovely bloggers who I have chatted to online but never met before. I was a bit apprehensive taking Little L down to the vent with me, but as he was still exclusively breastfed, then of course he was coming along too. 

Thursday, 23 June 2016

Our Favourite Baby Toys 0-6 months

One thing we have really enjoyed lately with Little L is being able to dig out some of his big brother's old toys out of storage for him to play with and enjoy. We have always been quite good at rotating toys and we never keep too many out at one time- I am a bit of a stickler for keeping toys clean and in order and I find it much easier if there aren't too many out at any one time, plus we find lots of different ways to use the same toys. He's been really quite interested in a range of toys for a couple of months now and I've put together a little selection of the toys which we have found to be the most used and enjoyed by Little L. I tend to favour toys which are open ended and have a range of uses rather than toys which have lots of buttons and are a bit prescriptive for how they have to be used. Here are some of our favourites... I talk about them in more detail in my video and also show a few others too...

Thursday, 16 June 2016

{The Siblings Project 16} Brothers in June

I had wanted to get my siblings post done on time for once this month, but you may have seen on my social media that Little L has started a new bedtime routine and we have started him off sleeping in his own bedroom, so evenings have been a little chaotic around here. Between that and keeping on top of getting the house ready for house viewings with a toddler and a baby, I have really struggled to find time to sit down and blog. I did however manage (by some miracle) to get some photos of my two boys together for my siblings photos for June. It wasn't easy at all- firstly to get LO to have his photo taken at the moment- he's now far more interested in being in control of the camera and will happily wonder around holding it, snapping pictures himself. Secondly, to get them both in the same spot at the same time without LO jumping about on the bed, and thirdly to get them both in a good mood at the same time. But I think I just about managed it...

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

{The Ordinary Moments 16} #21 ' Breastfeeding Take Two'

I wasn't sure whether to write this post or not, because it is one which feels incredibly personal to me and it's not something I've written about or shared much about before. But then this blog is my space, my little corner of the internet, and it's where I love to document our memories, both the ordinary ones and the extraordinary ones too. And breastfeeding is something which has become a very ordinary yet very extraordinary and special part of our lives over the past 5 months.

New Baby Gift Ideas

I've recently had some close friends who have had babies so have spent a lot of time browsing for the perfect baby gift for a newborn.
When I was looking, I found it hard knowing whether to buy something specifically for the baby, the parents or something which was a useful gift for both (I'll do a separate post all about useful practical gifts). I also found it hard deciding on something which would be a bit unique so as not to duplicate the endless soft toys or baby grows they'll inevitably receive. 
Here is a run down of some of the things I have found recently that I think would make lovely gift ideas: