Monday, 24 March 2014

Baby weaning diary: Monday

This week I am writing a 1 week weaning diary about what Little One eats for his 3 daily meals. We started weaning him at 4 ½ months, starting with just baby rice or porridge at breakfast time. This progressed into mixing the porridge or baby rice with smooth fruit purée. He then began to expand his range of purées with flavours including sweet potato, spinach, broccoli, apple and pear. We slowly began introducing a wider range of blended flavours including red meat. Smooth purées gradually became lumpier, and now, at 8 months he has a varied mix of finger foods, lumpy food and purées too. After being quite happy to have us feed him with his spoon for the past few months, this week he has decided to try feeding himself with the spoon which is great! Below is what Little One ate today. Check back each day this week to see what else he enjoys eating!

8am – 5oz Milk
10am Breakfast- 1 Weetabix with whole milk, topped with stewed apple. Water to drink.
1pm Lunch- Half an avocado (mashed), pitta bread soldiers with Dairylea, pieces of honey roast ham slices. Strawberry fromage frais. Water to drink.
3pm- 6oz Milk
5:45pm Supper- Homemade blended lamb hotpot with mint sauce (recipe coming soon!), mashed parsnip and carrot. Water to drink.
7:45pm- 6oz Milk & Bed 

Monday lunch

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