Sunday, 30 March 2014

Baby weaning diary: Sunday

6:30am- 5oz Milk (the clock change overnight seemed to throw him out of sync with his normal wake up time!) 
9:30am- Weetabix with whole milk and apple purée. Water to drink. 
1pm- Lunch out at Explorers café at Tropical World, Leeds- some of Mummy's jacket potato with tuna and cheese and cucumber sticks. He also tried some of Daddy's Mediterranean vegetable panini. Water to drink. 
4:30pm- 5oz Milk.
6:30pm- Homemade roast pork dinner- blended carrots, peas, broccoli, roast potato and apple gravy blended together. Small pieces of roast pork (not blended) and apple sauce. Fromage frais. Water to drink. 
9:15pm- 5oz Milk and bed. (Again, the clock change has confused his body clock a bit and he had more naps today than normal). 

Today is the final installment of this weaning diary for an 8 month old baby. I hope you have enjoyed reading it each day this week and that it has given you some easy ideas for nutritious meals for baby. I hope to do another weaning diary when Little One is a bit older. Below are some recent pictures of Little One in his highchair enjoying his meals, having loads of fun... and making LOTS of mess!

I think someone likes making mess! 

A x


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