Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Product Review: Mamas and Papas 'Vibe' Baby Walker

Mamas and Papas ‘Vibe’ Baby Walker (£39.95)

If you have had a baby, I’m sure you will be familiar with the following scenario.
The house is a tip, there are toys all over the floor, last night’s dishes are yet to go in the dishwasher and the ever growing laundry pile is starting to resemble a small mountain range. When babies are young, they tend to take quite frequent naps during the day, be it in their cot, bouncer chair or on their play mat. Once baby becomes a bit more mobile (around 5-6 months for Little One) or they no longer fit in their bouncer chair, you may be faced with the dilemma of where to put them so they are safe and kept entertained while you tend to the daily household chores.
It was only after a friend said that her recent purchase of a baby walker transformed her ‘about the house’ days. She was able to keep the little one entertained whilst still able to get on with jobs around the house. After reading many reviews, I decided I needed to get myself a walker as I don’t think I could continue to carry my increasingly heavy baby in a sling around the house anymore!

The ‘Vibe’ baby walker from Mamas & Papas has been a God-send since we bought it when he was 6 ½ months old. No longer able to sit in his bouncer chair, he now enjoys the freedom of zooming around the kitchen and living room and having a bit of independence to choose his own destination. This relieves some of the frustration for babies who aren’t yet crawling. While he is enjoying his new found independence, I can also get on with some day-to-day tasks in the same room. The walker has great little swivel wheels (Omni-directional) and it glides really smoothly across floor surfaces such as laminate and lino. It also travels adequately on short carpet. It features an anti-stair fall device as well so you can be reassured that your little adventurer should be safe. Do watch your toes and ankles when your baby is zooming around you in the walker as the lip around the base is a bit sharp. One of the major plus points of this walker is the interactive play-tray which still keeps him entertained 2 months after first using it. It features a small steering wheel with horn (which Little One likes to chew on), red flashing lights, a gear lever and a 3 button musical panel which plays about 4 really catchy little tunes! The music can be set to high/low and off. The walker has three height positions which give the product longevity but these can be quite stiff to adjust. The seat is plastic covered and easy to wipe and features a colourful hot-air balloon design. Size wise, this is a large piece of equipment which isn’t collapsible for short term storage (it can be dismantled for long term storage). This is reassuring when Little One is in it as I know it’s not going to fold up with him in it but the sheer size of the walker may end up being too big in a small house.
Dimensions - H: 65cm W: 55cm D: 70cm
Weight: 3.7kg / 8lbs
Age suitability: For children who are sitting unaided, from approximately 6 months.

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