Thursday, 13 March 2014

Product Review: Mamas & Papas Baby Snug

Mamas and Papas Baby Snug (£39.95)
Additional Play tray (£14.95)

We purchased the Baby Snug from Mamas & Papas just before Christmas when our baby was 4 ½ months old. We stumbled across this product while in store actually looking for a suitable highchair to use for when he started weaning. We decided to put our son in it to see if he liked it before we bought it and he looked delighted! It supported him in an upright position as he was not yet sitting up unaided, and the clip on tray meant he was not able fall out forwards. Another customer told us she’d purchased one for her baby and that he really enjoyed sitting in it too. We decided to go for the deep plum purple colour, but there was a good choice of other colours too (including raspberry, putty grey, green, teal and red).

At 5 months, we were able to use the Baby Snug as his first chair for the early stages of weaning. With the wide circular base, the baby Snug is designed as a floor seat, not as a seat to be placed on a chair (hence no safety fastenings). The floor level position allows babies the chance to sit upright in a safe and secure position. Our baby certainly enjoyed the new perspective of being able to sit up and watch what was going on around him, (without mummy having to support his sitting) giving him a different perspective from the reclined position of a bouncer chair. When he first used the Baby Snug, he would stay in it for 10-15 minutes at a time before getting tired of sitting up and throwing his head backwards. However, he is now able to sit independently himself, hence his neck muscles are also strong enough to allow him to sit in the snug for longer.

We perhaps didn’t pay enough attention to the point of it being a floor seat and thought we would be able to get more meal time use out of the chair than we did. In reality, feeding a baby whilst sitting on the floor becomes more tiring than one would imagine. If you decide to move onto having baby sitting at the table with mummy and daddy for mealtimes, you may find the Baby Snug becomes more useful for snack times and playtimes. Having moved away from using the Baby Snug as our son began eating meals in a highchair at the table with us, I’ve recently started using it again during the day and have found that he enjoys using it even more now that he is able to sit unaided than he did when he was 5 months old. He now appreciates and enjoys the removable playtray (a strongly recommended purchase) more than he did before and it keeps him entertained for a good 20 minutes.

The plus points:
·         It’s lightweight so it’s easy to take to grandparent’s houses when we have meals there.
·         It’s super easy to keep clean and hygienic (no messy straps).
·         Its moulded seat is cushioned and comfortable.
·         The additional playtray makes the chair multi-use.
·         Great for early stages of weaning.
·         Super easy to assemble/disassemble.
·         Its simple and ergonomic design looks cool and stylish.

Room for improvement:
·         It can be tricky to pick up one handed. A cut out hole at the back of the base would make a great handle.
·         The white plastic tray has to be taken off and clipped back on each time so you can get baby in and out of the chair.
·         Develop a way for it to be safely attached to chairs so babies can be fed at table height.

Overall, I am pleased with the product as it definitely helped our son with sitting up safely when he started weaning. It is spacious and will last him a long time so presents good value for money. It’s a pity that the Baby Snug can’t be safely attached to a chair so it can be used at table height. This has meant that I’ve had to make the additional purchase of a highchair. I can however sit him in it to watch me get on with some of my jobs and know he is safe. When he outgrows the inner moulded part of the seat (from around 12 months) I can remove the seat insert and he can continue to enjoy the chair as a toddler.

Freddie's Verdict: Thumbs up from Freddie!

A x


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