Friday, 18 April 2014

Easter treats and decor

Now that we have Little One, I thought it would be nice to decorate the house for Easter this year. He's too young to appreciate an Easter egg hunt but he is an inquisitive little chap and seeing how much enjoyment he got out of looking at the Christmas tree, I thought I'd give him something to enjoy looking at in the house for Easter (plus I love any excuse to go and have a browse around the shops for any sort of festive decorations). I also made some really quick and easy Easter treats for visitors coming to the house over Easter weekend. 

Easter egg biscuits
I enjoy baking, but rarely have the time to do much now. So when I saw the Hen Cookie bag set in Tesco (£2.50) I thought it looked like a quick and easy way to do a spot of baking and then I could hang the finished biscuits on my Easter egg tree. 

 Hen Cookie Bag from Tesco, £2.50. The pack contains a chocolate cookie mix with an egg shaped cutter. Rabbit and chicken shaped cutters also available. 

A super quick and easy method if you are short of time. Simply pour the mix into a bowl, add 40ml of water and 50g of melted butter or margarine. Mix well to form a soft dough, and roll out to a thickness of 5mm on a well floured surface. Use the cookie cutter to cut out the egg shapes. Poke a hole in the top of the biscuit shape so you can put ribbon through it when it's baked. Bake for 8-12 mins in the oven (190 deg/170 deg fan). 

Allow the biscuits to cool on a wire rack. To make the icing (not included in the cookie pack), sift some icing sugar into a bowl and add small amounts of water. Stir until you have a smooth and quite thick consistency. Divide the plain icing mix into individual ramekin dishes and add a few drops of your desired food colouring. Stir well. Spoon the icing onto the biscuits and allow the icing to set. You can add extra detail using icing writing tubes. 

Easter egg tree

I made this Easter tree using some branches from the garden, some Easter egg decorations (available from Home Bargains, 89p for 8), baby chicks (available in most home discount stores) and the Easter egg biscuits (see above), hung with pretty pink ribbon (please excuse the terrible icing! It's not my forte.)

Easter egg treat bucket
I picked up this cute little Easter bucket for 79p in Home Bargains. I filled it with yummy Easter treats- Mini Eggs, Milkybar Eggs and Milkybar bunnies. Around the base I decorated the bucket with an array of colourful feathers. It makes a really quick and easy Easter decoration and people can help themselves to a little treat or two!

I hope you have a lovely Easter weekend. Let me know in the comments section below if you have any nice Easter plans with your Little Ones. Let's hope the lovely sunshine stays a few more days!

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