Thursday, 24 April 2014

Product Review: ASDA Numbered Playmat

Now that Little One is on the move a bit more, I decided to head down to ASDA to check out their foam numbered playmats which are currently on offer in the 2 toys for £10 deal (or £6.00 for one pack). We have laminate in the living room which is where he spends much of his time and I've found it's not the best type of floor surface for him to roll around or crawl on safely or with any ease.  

The playmat has 9 pieces in a pack which join together easily like a jigsaw. After initially buying two packs, we found it didn't quite cover enough floor surface so we purchased a further two packets, giving us a 36 piece floormat. 

At the moment, we use the playmat to give him a soft surface to roll around on and commando crawl across but as he gets older, he will be able to use it to learn about number formation and ordering numbers. I spend a lot of time during the day now sitting on the floor with him so it makes it a bit more comfortable for me too!

The playmat easy to keep clean using a damp cloth and it is also easy to put together and takes very little time to dismantle and put away. Because the numbers are removable cut out shapes, they do sometimes pop out when dismantling it. 
Be aware that this product is aimed at children aged 3+ and ASDA states that components can break off and present a choking hazard. Little One uses the playmat under our supervision to ensure that he does not chew or place any of the pieces in his mouth. 

Overall, we are pleased with the playmat and I really think it has helped him to become more mobile as he found it so difficult to move about on a laminate floor. If you have carpets then I would say this product is probably not necessary for a baby to use, however, it's a cost effective solution to make hard floor surfaces more baby friendly.

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