Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Product Review: Gymnic Rody Horse

I first came across the Gymnic Rody Horse during a free-play session at the Baby Sensory class I attend with Little One. As soon as I saw it, I thought I'd let him have a go on it to see if he enjoyed it. Straight away, Little One's little face lit up and his arms and legs started swinging around in excitement at the new colourful toy. 

Although it's aimed at children aged 2-4 years, babies who are able to hold up their head can sit on Rody if you hold them on securely. I checked with the leader at Baby Sensory and she said it was safe for a baby to use as long as you hold them on. It can help develop a baby's and toddler's coordination and balance skills. 

The Gymnic Rody Horse is available in a variety of colours, and in the UK it can be purchased from Amazon. I purchased one for Little One from Amazon for one of his Christmas presents and I got it in red. Blue, yellow and red Rody Horses tend to be cheaper than other colour combinations such as lime green, purple and orange. 

Rody is made from strong latex-free vinyl so is really easy to wash with soap and water or an anti-bacterial wipe. It doesn't take up too much space and is easy to deflate if needed. Hand pumps can be purchased on Amazon but we found a lilo pump worked effectively. Rody is inflatable according the the size and height of your child, so you can add more air the taller they become, giving the toy excellent longevity. 

Having Rody has been great since Little One has been too big to sit in his bouncer chair because it gives him another alternative to sitting or lying on the floor. He is able to view his surroundings from a higher level and he enjoys having something different to sit on and play with (he seems to really enjoy chewing the ears when he's teething!). Obviously whilst he is a baby, he can't use Rody by himself as we have to hold him on (although he loves holding on to the long ears himself), but we are looking forward to years of him being able to continue using this toy independently. I'm sure he will get hours of fun out hopping around on it as a toddler, both inside and outside (all the while developing his gross motor skills). 

I'm pleased we bought Rody the Horse because unlike many of Little One's toys, this will give him at least 3 more years worth of use (if it doesn't get punctured...). If you are thinking about buying one, I'd advise spending some time browsing on Amazon to search out a good deal as the prices can vary quite drastically depending on the supplier. 

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