Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Product Review: Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Baby Healthcare and Grooming Kit

If you're looking for a reasonably priced baby grooming kit, I don't believe you'll go far wrong with the Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature baby healthcare and grooming kit pictured below. 

The kit contains:

  • Digital oral thermometer- This can be used either under the tongue or under the armpit. The reading is more accurate under the tongue, however, it's difficult to get a baby to understand "put this thermometer under your tongue and close your mouth"! 
  • Nasal aspirator- We have found this really useful, especially as he's had a few colds. It avoids snotty mess and clears their nasal passage more than using a tissue ever could. It can be difficult to use if you have a wriggly baby. 
  • Toothbrush- We don't use this as it has quite a large toothbrush head with fairly hard bristles. We prefer to use a baby Colgate toothbrush which seems a little more gentle.
  • Hairbrush- Little One has pretty crazy hair so we use this on a daily basis. The bristles are soft and gentle on baby's scalp. 
  • Comb- Little One hasn't really got enough hair for us to use the comb yet but the teeth have small bobbles on the ends so it's not sharp against baby's scalp. 
  • Scissors- Little One's hands are a bit small for us to be able to use these as nail scissors but they're useful to have in the kit, especially if you're travelling.
  • Nail clippers- These are very small and the handle/lever is not the easiest to hold onto but the clippers are very gentle on his nails. I am tempted to try the Styfile Nipper Clipper as it has a window in the clipper so you can see baby's nails as you clip them.
  • 2 x emery boards- Useful if you're actually able to file your baby's nails after you have clipped them. I managed it once or twice when Little One was very young but now he's just about had enough of the manicure session after having his nails clipped. 

The items all come in a handy zip-up case. Great for keeping everything in one place in the nursery or bathroom. Also great for travelling. 

Taking each item individually, I think there are better products on the market, however, as a complete set, the kit is really practical and at around £8.99, it represents great value for money. The items are well made and practical looking. When we bought it, we were surprised at how much a thermometer on its own could cost, so when we saw the Tommee Tippee kit with a thermometer plus all the other essentials, we thought it was a bargain. 

A x

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