Monday, 14 April 2014

What was in my hospital bag? Part 1: Washbag

In the weeks before Little One was born last summer, I spent quite a long time trying to work out what to take with me in my hospital bag. I was paranoid that I would forget something vital and I didn't know what I would need while I was there. Some hospitals can be quite strict about the size and number of bags you take in as well, so I felt quite panicked as I struggle to travel light! If you're not sure what you might need to take with you, or like me, just like to see what other people take with them, you might find my next few posts helpful to read. I am going to split different sections of what I took with me over a couple of posts.

What was in my hospital washbag?

  • Face cloth/flannel- get your hubby to mop your face with a nice cool face cloth when you're in labour. You're likely to get really warm. 
  • Mum & Me hand sanitizer gel- I took some of my own as hospital hand gel makes my skin really itchy and dry. 
  • Mitchum deodorant.
  • Impulse body spray- I took this as it smells nice and it masked the horrid hospital smell which I can't stand. 
  • A Lynx mini deodorant for my hubby as he was up for two days while I was in labour and partners weren't allowed to have a shower. 
  • A Ted Baker mini perfume- just to make me feel a bit glam and normal when I had visitors. 
  • Radox shower gel mini- my doctor and midwife disagreed about whether you should have showers or baths after you've had the baby, but I opted for showers. 
  • Hair grips and hair bobbles- to keep your hair out of your way during labour, and also useful for after you've had your baby if you don't get chance to wash your hair, you can tie it back. 
  • Charles Worthington shampoo and conditioner minis- if you do get a few minutes to wash your hair I'd strongly advise it! It makes you feel so much better again. 
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste- fairly self-explanatory!
  • Simple make up wipes.
  • Wet Ones wet wipes for your hands. 
  • Mum & Me- Baby sleep tight balm- I think this is actually designed for use on your baby, but I used it on me to help calm me down. 
  • Nivea- Lip balm- your lips can get really dry when you're in labour. I took this to leep them hydrated and to stop them getting cracked. 

Look out for my next post on what was in Little One's hospital bag in a couple of days. 

A x


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