Thursday, 17 April 2014

What was in my hospital bag? Part 2: Little One's hospital bag

Here is part two of 'What was in my hospital bag?'. It took me a long time to decide what to take for Little One as I had no concept of how many nappies or clothes he would get through, what would be provided by the hospital or how long we would be in hospital for. Also, some hospitals don't like you to take too many bulky bags as you may end up moving around between different rooms and there is limited space in the rooms or wards. I always assumed we would be in for 1-2 days, but as it transpired, we were in for 9 long days as Little One ended up in the Special Care Baby Unit. What I packed was therefore no where near enough stuff, so what I mention below would probably be enough for 2 days. We were unprepared for the 9 day stay, and my husband had to keep going home to collect more nappies, clothes and lots of cotton wool pads (not to even mention all my stuff too!). Luckily, we only live 10 minutes from the hospital. I would therefore advise that you take enough for a couple of days but keep additional things on hand at home just in case. 

 I took Little One's things in his changing bag- Babystyle spotty changing bag by Oyster. 

  • Pampers nappies
  • 2 x beanie hats
  • 3 x scratch mittens
  • 3 x sleepsuits 
  • 3 x vests
  • Soft baby towel
  • Cotton wool pads (a lot easier to use than cotton wool balls!) Also, they advise you to use just water and cotton wool to clean baby when changing nappies instead of baby wipes.
  • Baby wipes- I took a pack even though I was going to be using cotton wool and water. They are so useful for wiping up things like baby sick. 
  • Sudocrem- I collected the miniature pots from the Bounty packs. 
  • 5 x Muslin cloths- you can never have too many of these, they're brilliant.
  • Nappy sacks
  • Plastic backed bibs- I never ended up using these
  • Blanket
  • Going home outfit (not in the picture above, but I will include a photo below!)
  • Car seat
Leaving the hospital at 9 days old. Little One wore a lovely bright frog top, stripey green leggings and frog beanie hat (all from H & M) as his going home outfit.

When I was packing my baby's hospital bag, I referred to quite a few online checklists to make sure I didn't forget anything. Tesco Baby Club have a great checklist which you can download for free, available HERE

If you're packing your hospital bags now, I hope you have as much fun deciding what to take as I did! It's such an exciting time!

A x


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