Thursday, 29 May 2014

10 month update

Weight- Approximately 21lb 4oz

Height- Approximately 73-74cm

Sizes- 9-12 month clothes seem to be fitting well at the moment. Let's hope he stays in those a little while longer because baby clothes are surprisingly expensive considering the size of them! 

Routine- Nursery days: His morning routine is slightly different on Tuesdays and Thursdays now as he has started at nursery. So on those two days we normally get him up around 7:45am, get dressed and then drive to nursery where he has breakfast at 8:30am. He then has milk at 10am, a nap, lunch at 11:30am, another nap after lunch, an afternoon snack and then dinner at 5:30 if he stays that late (which he hasn't done yet). 

If we are at home, he will wake around 8am and have his weetabix at 8:30am. He still has a 2 hour nap at 11am if we are in the house and lunch at 1pm. In the afternoon, he has an hour's nap at 2:30pm followed by milk at 3:30pm. Dinner is at 6pm roughly, followed by playtime, bath at 7pm (every other day at the moment), milk and bed at 7:30pm. 
Once I start back at work next week, we might try to mirror the times he has snacks, naps and lunch at nursery to give him some consistency. 

Sleeping- Still a good little sleeper. He has occasionally woken up earlier than normal (eg, 5am) a few random times recently due to teething and colds. He naps more in the day now because he is more active.  

Eating- Little One is having 3 meals a day. We have started giving him a wider variety of finger foods and offering him parts of our meal. We usually place a variety of things on his highchair tray and he enjoys picking them up and feeding himself. We cut out his afternoon bottle once he started at nursery last week as he didn't seem at all fussed by it. We have replaced it with a snack and water (Soreen Malt Loaf is a favourite at the moment). 

Favourite toys- He discovered a toy sweeping brush at a local play centre we visit and since then he has been obsessed with the sweeping brush. He has also recently discovered stacking cups and loves knocking them over and rolling them across the floor. I'm really happy that he has formed a real bond with one of his teddy bears he was given when he was born and loves playing hide and seek with him in his cot. I always think it's so nice to know you had a favourite toy as a child. Perhaps grey bear will be that special toy. 


  • He still has 5 teeth, although I think another one may be coming soon. 
  • Still commando crawling but he is way more confident with this now. His arms are getting stronger so he can move quite quickly. Since he started nursery he has got more confident with crawling away independently rather than staying around me. 
  • Still saying the same sorts of sounds as last month- Didi, dada, hi-Eddie. There's been a few new sounds but it's hard to remember them or to write them phonetically! 
  • He's started pulling himself up on us and a few pieces of furniture if we are there next to him and encouraging him. Otherwise he tends not to do it of his own accord. I think he's considering 'cruising', moving from one spot to another, but he hasn't the confidence just yet. 
  • A massive milestone is that he started at nursery last week! He's just doing two days a week. He gets a bit teary when we drop him off but is fine once he has his Weetabix. He's doing really well and is super chatty when we pick him up, babbling away (not sure what he's saying obviously but I'm sure he's telling us about all the exciting activities he's been doing!). We love reading his daily sheet that he comes home with as it lists all the activities he's enjoyed the most that day. Things he's enjoying at the moment are sandplay, musical instruments, looking at soft books, exploring the heuristic play den and waterplay :-) Reading about these activities also gives us some fab ideas for things to do at home with him.We are so proud of him :)

A x


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