Thursday, 8 May 2014

9 month update

I haven't done any monthly updates on Little One yet, but thought it'd be interesting to start documenting his milestones, routines and sizes each month. I was watching some old videos of Little One the other day and I can't actually believe how much he's changed since he was born. I find it really difficult to think back and remember what he's done month by month so I thought I'd try to document his development on here. 

Weight- 20lb 13oz - in the 50th centile. (He's just gone 9 months but his weight was taken by the health visitor when he was 9 months).  

Height- Approximately 72cm, although he's not had his height checked in a while but he has been following the 75th centile. 

Sizes- Little One is wearing mostly 9-12 month clothes but he can still fit into some generously sized 6-9 month clothes as well. He is in transition between size 4 and 4+ nappies. 

Routine- We have switched Little One's morning routine around a little bit recently. He wakes up at about 8am and now has his Weetabix straight away followed by his milk at about 9:30 or 10am. If we are at home he will have a 2 hour nap at 11am and lunch at 1pm. In the afternoon, he has an hour's nap at 2:30pm followed by milk at 3:30pm. Dinner is at 6pm roughly, followed by playtime, bath at 7pm (every other day at the moment), milk and bed at 7:30pm. 

Sleeping- We are extremely lucky in that Little One has always been a good little sleeper (just like his mummy!) and has slept through the night since he was about 6 weeks old. He has been sleeping in his own cot in his nursery since he was 6 months old and continues to enjoy sleeping soundly in there. While the light summer evenings are wonderful, it does mean his bedroom is quite light, and he seems to prefer it to be dark. He is still sleeping in a Gro-Bag but somehow manages to wriggle up the cot and is always in a different part of the cot in the morning! 

Eating- Little One is having 3 meals a day. He has Weetabix most days for breakfast or sometimes he will have porridge. For lunch, he will eat some sort of sandwich (cheese, ham, egg, cream cheese and cucumber, tuna), or cheese on toast, or mashed avocado/apple or avocado/banana, or a pancake with veggie puree. he will normally have a little fruit salad or petit filous for dessert. We did try to have Little One eating the same food as us and at the same time as us for his evening meal but it just wasn't working so now he has a homemade hot meal which we have pre-made and frozen into portions for him (eg, bolognese, cheesy cod with mashed potato, sweet potato etc). He enjoys drinking water from his Tommee Tippee beaker. 


  • Little One now has 5 teeth (2 bottom, 3 top).
  • He is now much more mobile and gets much less frustrated with himself- he's been rolling around for a little while but can now commando crawl. 
  • He is very chatty and says "Dada", "Didi", "Dida" "Eddie" which I think is him trying to say his own name 'Freddie'. He will also say "Hi Eddie". 
  • He's always loved us playing "Boo!" and surprising him but he will now play Peekaboo himself by putting a blanket in front of his face. 
  • Although he isn't pulling himself up yet and he can't get from lying down to sitting up on his own, he has been able to stand with support for a while and now enjoys walking around if we hold him up by his arms. 

A x


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  1. Just found your blog, after following you on twitter! Nice to find a baby at a similar age to Amelia. So exciting how different they can be though; Amelia will be turning 9months next week and still has no teeth! She too is getting frustrated with not being able to fully move around yet, she just does a lot of nose diving haha! Looking forward to following (I'm newyoungmum on twitter) xx


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