Monday, 12 May 2014

Our experience of weaning a baby

I recently saw this questionnaire all about weaning on Alex's blog Bump to Baby and found it interesting to hear about her experiences with weaning and feeding her baby, so thought I'd have a think about our weaning experiences with Little One. 

What is/are the age(s) of your little one(s)? 
- 9 1/2 months

What stage are you at with feeding?
- Combination of purees, finger foods and eating together as a family. 

- Health visitor, asked friends, read leaflets. 

What were the first weaning foods you and your baby tried? 
- Baby rice/porridge, mashed banana, pureed carrot.

What method of weaning do/did you follow? 
- A combination of baby-led and spoon feeding.

What was your baby's favourite weaning food? 

  • - Homemade fruit purees.

  • What was your biggest weaning challenge? 
  • - Planning meals out for him and finding time to make my own homemade purees. 

    Is your little one now eating meals with the family? What’s their favourite? 
    - Roast dinners- chicken, beef, pork, lamb. 

      What snacks do you give your little one in between meals?
      - He doesn't have snacks really, but if he needs to when we are out and about, he has a Biscotti. 

      Is your little one vegetarian or vegan or following any other specialist diet? 
      - No. 

        Does your child have any food allergies/intolerances?

        Have you encountered the dreaded ‘fussy eater’ stage yet? 
        - No, we've been lucky with most foods we've tried. 

        Tell us what food your little one point-blank refuses to eat, such as sprouts, avocado or mushrooms?

        Is there anything you find hard to include in your child’s diet?
        - Vegetables which aren't pureed or which foods which have skins on such as tomatoes and peppers. 

        Where do you feed your child?
        - Highchair

        How do you keep your baby or toddler entertained at mealtimes? 
        - He's happy just to eat or feed himself. 

        What ‘mess minimiser’ wouldn’t you be without?
        - Cloth bib. 

        It’s not all about food, you know! What does your little one drink during the day?
        - Water.

        Where’s the strangest place you’ve fed your baby? One of the Tesco Loves Baby Club team fed their toddler halfway up Mount Vesuvius! Can you beat that?
        - At the back of a coach on the way to Edinburgh. 

        What’s the most embarrassing thing that’s happened to you while feeding or weaning your baby? Baby rice in your hair at an important meeting? Spattering the people at the next table with mashed carrots?
        - Being out at the shops and realising my jeans were covered with veg puree. 

        Are there any weird or wacky flavour combinations that have been a surprise hit with your tot? Marmite and banana? Fish fingers and custard? (Thanks, Doctor Who!)
        - Banana and avocado mushed together. 

        Tesco Love Baby Club currently have the survey on their website and are offering the chance to win a £50 Tesco voucher as a thank you for filling out this survey all about feeding and weaning your baby. Why not give it a go? You can find the Tesco feeding and weaning survey here

        Thank you to Alex for posting the survey on her blog. 

        I'm always interested to hear of other parent's weaning and feeding experiences with their babies so please feel free to leave a comment below! 

        What is your baby's favourite food? Any embarrassing moments when weaning? What was your biggest weaning challenge?


        1. Aw thanks for mentioning me and for doing this, it's so interesting to see how other babies differ compared to Ethan with their eating! xx

          1. Pleasure! Thanks for posting it on your blog. I always wonder how everyone else gets on with the whole feeding thing! xx


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