Friday, 30 May 2014

Simple Pleasures: Stacking Cups

We were probably a little 'late to the party' with stacking cups, but since buying these from Mothercare a few days ago, I'm now convinced that they're one of the best toys we've bought for Little One so far. 
Firstly, at just £3.99 they were relatively inexpensive in comparison to some of his other toys. Secondly, they're a fantastic multi-purpose toy so he doesn't get bored of them and thirdly, they're easy to store and keep tidy! Always a bonus in our household...

Each time we play with the stacking cups, we find a new way to play with them. The cups come in lovely bright colours and are numbered 1-8. They're a great educational resource as you can use them to help with learning counting, colours, sequences, ordering, size, and cause and effect. 

The most fun part though is stacking them and getting to knock them over again! Little One is fascinated by watching me stack them into a tower and then he crawls towards them to knock them down which he seems to find utterly hilarious! Who ever knew stacking cups could be so much fun?!

The stacking cups are also a great toy to aid hand-eye coordination, making them not only fun, but a great developmental toy too. Just as I am sitting here playing with the cups myself, I also notice that they have holes in the bottom of each cup, so can be used to pour water through or to play with in the bath. I think we'll be giving that a go tomorrow! 

The more toys I buy, the more I'm realising that it's the simple things which Little One seems to enjoy the most. And at £3.99 for such a multi-purpose toy, you can't go far wrong. If you don't already have some stacking cups, I can definitely recommend getting some!

Mothercare Stacking Cups available for £3.99 from Early Learning Centre

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