Saturday, 10 May 2014

Swim Nappy Challenge

Since Little One was very young, he has attended weekly swimming classes and is now a veteran consumer of swim nappies (to varying success!). 
Having started off exclusively using Huggies Little Swimmers, we recently decided to give the Asda Swim Pants a try following some recommendations from other parents at swimming class. 
I thought I would pit the two brands up against each other in the 'Swim Nappy Challenge' and my findings are as follows...


Price per nappy
Small £0.27p
Medium £0.30p
Large £0.33p

Small £0.49p
Medium £0.49p
Large £0.53p


Putting them on
Asda- These don't have tabs at the sides. Instead it's a pull on style nappy with an elasticated waist band and leg holes. I found this very, very easy to put on Little One and I could even pull it up while he was standing. 

Huggies- These have tabs at the sides similar to a regular nappy but larger. I have tried to put this nappy on Little One as a pull on, but the waist band isn't quite stretchy enough to do this successfully. It takes longer to put on because of the tabs. 


Taking them off
Asda- Despite being super easy to put on, it was a little more tricky to take off after being in the pool. There are no tabs so you have to pull it off like a pair of pants. This could prove tricky if it was a full nappy. 

Huggies- Very easy to take off as you simply undo the tabs. Works in the same way as a regular nappy so if it is a full nappy, you can take it off with limited mess. 

WINNER- Huggies

Asda- The legs holes are well fitted and feel secure. No problems with absorbency or containment so far. The pad inside the nappy does feel thinner than the Huggies one however. 

Huggies- The nappy can feel quite heavy when you remove it after it has been in the pool. The tabs are very long down the sides and aren't absorbent material. If leakage is going to occur, it is likely going to be around the sides below the tabs. We have had one unfortunate problem with containment, but the less said about that the better!!!


Asda- Nice bright colours on the nappy with small cartoons of fish and sharks. To me, it wasn't obvious which way around the nappy was supposed to be put on Little One, g although I think it can be put on either way, which is a big plus point!

Huggies- Features Disney character designs. The colours are quite muted. The Little Swimmers logo is worn on the front. 


Left: Huggies Little Swimmers  Right: Asda Swim Pants

Sizes available
Size 3 small- 9-20 lbs
Size 4 medium- 16-29 lbs
Size 5 large- over 27 lbs

Size 2-3- 7-18 lbs
Size 3-4- 15-34 lbs
Size 5-6- 26-40 lbs

WINNER- Huggies

Overall winner- Asda
Overall, I prefer the Asda Swim Pants. They were really easy to put on Little One at the swimming pool, and I think this is an important quality in a swim nappy (changing a mobile baby on a wet changing room floor is hard enough as it is!). They are the more cost effective choice and I'm always in search of a good bargain. Well done Asda on a fantastic product!

**Disclaimer- All opinions expressed are my own. I was not paid or sponsored to write this post. 

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