Tuesday, 6 May 2014

The International Sand Sculpture Festival

This Bank Holiday weekend, we decided to take a little trip down to the West Country to visit family. While we were there, we decided to take Little One on a day trip to the seaside (his second time to the sea since he was born). I saw the International Sand Sculpture Festival featured on the BBC breakfast a couple of weeks ago and it looked fantastic so thought we would go and check it out for ourselves...

The Weston Sand Sculpture Festival is located on the beach at Weston-Super-Mare in North Somerset. The theme of this year's Sand Festival is 'Once upon a time' so the sculptures are all based around well-known children's stories. I'm sure many children will enjoy seeing some of their favourite story characters being brought to life as huge sculptures made entirely of sand! They will also have lots of fun trying to guess the story which each sculpture links to. We probably didn't give each sculpture the attention it deserved as we were going around the displays with a 9 month old! If you were to go around with an older child who might be familiar with many of the stories, you would probably get more involved looking at and talking about each sculpture in more detail. In fact, it's not until I got home and looked through the photos we took that I was fully able to appreciate just how amazing the sculptures were! They are so detailed and intricate, it's unbelievable. Each sculpture has been skilfully crafted and maintained by highly skilled international sand sculpture artists. 

In terms of accessibility, there is a wooden board walk-way around the sculpture exhibition but it is single track. I did feel a bit rushed going around as I was conscious that I was holding up the trail of visitors behind me as I pushed the pram around, so didn't spend much time reading the information boards about each artist and sculpture. Although I think there are enough sculptures to look at, I think it would be great if they were spread around a larger space. It didn't take much time to get around at all really. At the end of the exhibition, there is a large sandpit play area for children to enjoy and a cafe.

Entry into the Sand Sculpture Exhibition is £3.50 for adults, £3.00 for concessions, children 15 and under £2.50 and under 3's go free. A family ticket costs £10.00. 
The Sand Sculpture Festival is open daily 10am til 5pm (for last admission) from 18th April to 5th October 2014. 

Like I said, I think slightly older children will really enjoy the exhibition, especially if they have read some of the stories which are featured. Although Little One isn't quite at that stage yet (!!) he did seem to enjoy looking at the shapes and the height of the sculptures. His favourite was the apes in the Noah's Ark sculpture! 

Below are some of our favourite sculptures. Can you guess all the characters and stories? Leave a comment below if you think you can!

Weston Sand Sculpture Festival Website

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  1. Oh these are just amazing! I love Paddinton Bear - so cute and the detail in the castle is fantastic. Arthuur would really love them. There's a chap near me who creates sand sculptures on the pavements around the city and they fascinate me. But I have to fight the overwhelming urge to stand on them!


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