Wednesday, 21 May 2014

The Ordinary Moments #1 'The walk around the block'

Yesterday marked an important day in Little One's life: his first day at nursery. I can't quite believe he's started nursery. It was through this somewhat extraordinary moment that I realised how quickly time passes us. It made me realise I should take the time to appreciate the more regular everyday things in our lives.

We love going on days out and taking Little One to exciting places, but it's the daily routine stuff which I will miss the most when I go back to work and he's at nursery or when he begins at 'big school' when he's a little older... 

After seeing the Linky on Katie's lovely website Mummy Daddy Me, I decided that I too, will make more effort to document the 'ordinary moments' in our lives. So here is Ordinary Moments #1 'The walk around the block'. 

Our daily routine has always been fairly busy, especially on days when we go to a baby group or to meet up for coffee and cake with other mummies and babies. But we also have days when we lounge about the house, play with toys and have a crawl about on the floor to go and find things to play with which aren't toys but which are much more fun to play with anyway *sigh*. He seems to like playing with toys for about 20 minutes and it gets to a point where nothing will entertain him. Then come the tears. I try and figure out how best to keep him occupied. I sometimes think 'How can I entertain him for 2 hours? I've tried everything!' If we have no group on and no where we need to be, this is when we decide to get out of the house for a bit, grab the pram out of the boot and go for our daily walk around the block. 

As soon as we leave the driveway, his little face lights up. All is well in the world again. I think he likes a regular change of scene. But don't we all? We tend to follow the same route every day. I've mentioned before that where I live isn't very pram friendly, but we tackle the cobbles and the hills together, stopping regularly so I can catch my breath *slightly unfit*. 

We don't know the people we pass, but we sometimes see the same friendly faces who all say a polite 'good morning' and 'he's a smiley chap, isn't he?'. Little One is very inquisitive and enjoys people watching: the window cleaner, the man pulling weeds out of the lawn or the bin men empyting the wheelie bins into the dustcart. It's all everyday stuff to me, but looking at his face, he must think it's fascinating. Much more interesting than the toys.
We trundle back up the hill and along the lane near our house. It's a lovely quiet lane along the edge of a field of sheep. We say hello to the sheep every day, and now to the new lambs too. We work our way down the ridiculously uneven, bumpy lane, totally unsuitable for taking a pram along, but Little One is giggling away as I make my voice sound silly going along the bumpy surface. It also means we get to see the horses and we avoid going up the steepest  part of the hill back up to the house *lazy mummy*.

I take Little One out of the pram to say hello to the horses and show him the view across the valley. It makes me feel happy that he is so lucky to be able to live so near such beautiful countryside but sad how my husband and I take it for granted even though it's right on our doorstep

Our daily walk around the block is definitely a very special, yet ordinary moment in our day which I now appreciate so much more.  
We love looking at the trees together. 
The tiring walk back up the hill. Pushing a pram is definitely a good work out!
Selfie time. Little One doesn't look impressed. 
He's fascinated by the horses and their foals. 

mummy daddy me

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