Tuesday, 27 May 2014

The Ordinary Moments #2 'Goodnight Moon'

Pretty much every night since Little One came home from hospital when he was born, we have always tried to keep his bedtime routine the same, even when we've been out later or away on holiday. He has always been a good little sleeper and I think it's partly due to the predictability of bedtime. 

Little One loves his sleep. I love that he loves his sleep too. And bedtime is one of those magical moments in our day when we all just seem to relax and fall in a heap. And it's the same routine each and every day. 

I rush downstairs to make his bottle while daddy finishes off bathtime (Little One's favourite time of the day). He comes downstairs with his damp hair all spiky, wearing just a nappy and a hooded towel. We have the usual drama of getting pyjamas on when all he wants is his bottle, but as soon as he's cuddled up on our knees with his milk, a sense of calm fills the room and it's time for his story. 

Every night since he was tiny, we have read him 'Goodnight Moon'. Now he is older, we tend to read him two books, but the second is always 'Goodnight Moon' without fail. Between us, my husband and I must have read it nearly 300 times.We know the book off by heart from cover to cover but we never tire of reading it to Little One. 

I love the way he turns the pages, and now, at 10 months, he is turning them at the right time. I love how he sometimes slams the book closed when you're in the middle of a page. I love how he will start turning the pages back again, as if he's wanting to go back and have a proper look at the pictures. I love how he will try and turn the book upside down or try eating it while you're in the middle of a sentence. I love showing him all the different objects in the 'great green room'. I know at the moment he's not fully able to understand but in due time, he will be able to start finding the objects for himself: the comb, the brush, the bowl full of mush, the quiet old lady, the clocks, the red balloon, the kittens and the mittens. 

When we finish our story we sit on the floor and he brushes his teeth, chewing endlessly on the bristles, sucking all the fluoride foam off until he has had enough and throws it across the floor (another of my favourite moments in the day). We look out of the window and say goodnight to Mr Moon, if he's about. I give him a goodnight kiss, lay him in his Gro-Bag with grey bear. I watch him for a few seconds as lays his arms up behind his head as if he hasn't a care in the world. 'Night night, sleep tight', I whisper as I tip-toe out. 

And there it is. A truly ordinary but magical twenty minutes, every single evening. A moment where I can forget about being a grown up and just enjoy sharing a cuddle and a story with Little One. Definitely one of the best bits of being a mummy. 

One of our favourite stories at the moment- The Love in My Heart by Tim Bugbird.

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  1. Aw this is so lovely. Reading is a big passion of mine and I hope that both my girls will love it as much as I do. My biggest girl loves having a bed time story read to her each night, it is a lovely part of our routine. I love your blog name by the way, it's so cute! x

    1. :) aw that's so lovely, thank you Katie! We love reading, it's hugely enjoyable and so important! I hear so many people say what's the point when they're a baby, so I'm pleased that you also think it's important!
      Glad you like the blog name! x

  2. We love to read and thankfully that love has instilled onto our children. It is hard to find a better gift than the love of books in my opinion. My two older children tell me that they are too old for bedtimes stories now *cue sad face* but I still have my little toddler to read for now, which keeps me happier than you can imagine! Beautiful post and pics hun. x #ordinarymoments


    1. Thank you so much Deborah. Aw I'm glad you cans still read to your toddler. We enjoy that part of the day immensely. I look forward to reading him fairy tales x


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