Friday, 13 June 2014

Father's Day Gift Ideas

With Father's Day just around the corner, and it's Little One's Daddy's first Father's Day, I thought it might be a nice idea to share a few gift ideas I had. 

Spot the Difference
I love receiving any sort of framed photo as a gift. They're thoughtful, simple and sentimental. A lovely idea would be to frame a photo of your little one next to a photo of their daddy at the same age. 

Dear Dad From You to Me
I bought this from Amazon for Little One's Daddy for Christmas but it would make a lovely father's Day gift. It is basically a journal in which dads write about all sorts of facts about their own lives. They then pass the book onto their child to keep when they are older. 
'Daddy' Mug
There are lots of beautiful mugs available. I liked this 'Daddy' one by Emma Bridgewater, available from John Lewis
Alternatively, why not get him a personalised mug? There are some beautiful ones on Not on the Highstreet. Two of my favourites are 'Dad Star' and 'Personalised Definition Mug'

Adventure Jar
Get an old jam jar and fill it with pieces of card. Get your little ones (if they're old enough to write) to write ideas of adventure ideas they'd like to do with dad on each piece of card. Fold them up, decorate the jar and whenever dad and the children are ready to go on an adventure, get dad to pick a card it out of the jar. There is also one available to buy here

Sugru Self Setting Rubber
I was actually kindly gifted this product from Sugru recently, but after seeing how much my husband enjoyed using the product to fix all sorts of things (including his iPhone charger cable which the cat bit through...) I thought it would make a great Father's Day gift for the more practical minded dad. It's a gift which he will find very useful as it can be used to fix all sorts of things, making it very versatile. It is a self-setting rubber which acts like plasticine when it comes out of the packet, and can be moulded to repair or modify pretty much anything, even walking boots and outdoor wear (so a great gift for dads who enjoy walking, outdoor pursuits or DIY). Sugru comes in a variety of colours and is available from many stores including B & Q
There is a Father's Day special offer available through this link.

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