Friday, 27 June 2014

My Month in Photos: 11 Month Update

Weight- He should be around 21lb 9oz according to his growth charts, although I haven't had him weighed in ages.

Height-  Approximately 75cm.

Sizes- Still in 9-12 month clothes but we have started to buy a few 12-18 month vests. I figure it's good to buy them over a period of time to spread the cost. 

Routine- His daily/weekly routine over the past month has been VERY varied as I went back to work full time (only till summer) at the start of June. He still goes to nursery and the routine he follows there is still the same as before but now he has just one nap at around 12:45. 

Sleeping- Still sleeping really well at night. His daytime naps haven't been as regular or consistent since I went back to work, but he's good at letting people know when he's tired (usually the only time he properly cries). 

Eating- He's doing really well with feeding himself and now prefers this method to being spoon fed. I'd say his favourite meal at the moment is pasta bake made with penne pasta and Dolmio pasta bake sauce with cheese and veg. A great little dinner which we all eat together and it's super quick to make!

Favourite toys- His grey bear is still his favourite companion when he goes to sleep. It's so adorable how he smiles when you give it to him to cuddle! He also loves playing with sweeping brushes (no 1 on my list of 1st birthday present ideas for him). I'm sure like many other babies, his ultimate favourite things to play with though, are things he finds which he knows he shouldn't have (iPhones, iPad, and the red button on the Sky+ box). 

  • He has 6 teeth now- he has both front teeth and the new one has already caught up with the first one he got. He looks so cute when he grins and shows you his teeth. 
  • He has mastered proper crawling now. I put him on the lawn in our garden about a week ago and he just went for it! 
  • He seems to have stopped making any phonetic sounds whatsoever in the last few weeks, maybe because he has been focused on learning to balance on his knees and hands for crawling (not even dada!)
  • He is getting a little too confident with pulling himself up and just does it without thinking now. I have to watch him so carefully! He gets so much less frustrated now because he can do so many things himself and can get from lying to sitting without needing my help.
  • He's taken a shine to climbing (apparently this is common at 11 months) and wants to get up and onto anything he can. 
  • He can now clap his hands together and will wave at you in a very crazy fashion.
I haven't managed to capture many photos on my iPhone this month as I've been at work, but here's a little peek at what Little One's been up to over the past month.

Why wait until winter to wear the best hat ever?

Little One's latest invention: cat football.

Lots of fun at a local play centre.

Driving a tractor like his Uncle John.

Test driving a 'big boy' car seat. Although he doesn't need one just yet, I couldn't resist taking a photo as he looked so funny!

Celebrating daddy's first Father's day.

Enjoying his first tapas meal at La Tasca, York.

Relaxing after a busy day with some milk and a good book.

Practising new-found crawling skills around the garden.

Father's Day with Daddy.

Tapas with Mummy.

I didn't realise how much we had got up to this past month until I looked back through the photos on my phone. It's amazing how life passes you by and how you forget things. I'm so glad I always have my iPhone to capture these lovely memories though. 

A x


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