Monday, 2 June 2014

The Ordinary Moments #3 'The Village Green'

When Little One has had enough of playing with his toys inside, we usually decide to just bundle everything into the car and just go somewhere. I don't mind where, as long as it's not in the house as we can both get a bit claustrophobic being inside for too long. If the sun is shining (and I want to save a bit of money) we will head to the next village where my parents live and visit the lovely park there. 

Although only a couple of miles from a big, industrial northern city, it seems so far removed from that bustling, polluted, noisy city environment. It's so quaint and so Yorkshire with little stone cottages and terraces lining the streets, a bowling green, a butchers, green grocers, post office and sweet shop dotted around the outside of the park which sits in the centre of the village. 

We park the car next to the little park, and have a little wander around the square. We look in the shop windows, and maybe pop into the friendly butchers to buy something for our dinner. Little One is a bit young for sweets, but I will go and buy a little bag of penny mix from the sweet shop and sneakily eat them out of my pocket when he's not looking! 

When we have been on our circular walk around the village and back past the church, we always head back to the park for a little ride on the swings. I think this has become his favourite past-time. He just loves them. I'm not sure if it's the motion of being on the swing or the fact that he likes watching other people on the swings, but he sits there looking so small next to the other big children in their swings, giggling away and smiling at everyone. 

Although a very ordinary moment in our day, our trip to the park this sunny weekend was so happy but also quite sad for me at the same time. It was my last day of maternity leave as I have returned to work full time until the summer holidays. We decided to make no plans and wanted to just go with the flow and do something fun but ordinary. It will, for the time being at least, no longer be an ordinary daily moment, so we will make sure we still go for a wander around the village green and a ride on the swings each weekend. 

It was such an ordinary moment for us that we didn't get many photos except for these cute pics of him smiling and enjoying the swings. 

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  1. Aw gorgeous post and looks like the swings are a lot of fun. I hope going back to work was ok, it's so hard returning to work after maternity leave, I remember it well. It means you will treasure those ordinary moments even more. Xx

    1. Aw thank you. It's been hard going back and I had a bit of a teary moment at the start of the week but feel a bit better now, thank you! You're right though, it's bloody hard juggling it all xx


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