Monday, 16 June 2014

The Ordinary Moments # 5 'Bubbles and Tears'

It's that time of week again when I link up with Katie at Mummy Daddy Me for The Ordinary Moments. Our ordinary moment this week is bathtime. We bath him every night and I guess therefore that it really couldn't get more ordinary than this for us! 

I guess it was a few months ago when we moved from giving Little One a bath every other night to having one each night. Although it does take a bit of time to run the bath, gather all the various bath and bed time bits and pieces (why does a simple bath time require so much stuff?!) and then bath him and dry him, he has always really enjoyed it so we make sure we bath him every night if possible.  

After he has eaten, he normally plays in the sitting room with us, but he will start to get tired and frustrated of his toys after a while. However, as soon as he's playing with his toys in the bath, he is happy and relaxed again. This is when we thought 'why not make bath time part of his evening play time?' Hence why we moved to giving him a bath every evening. 

Bath time is very much his daddy's domain. I will sit and help, but he will hold him and support him and I am normally on cotton wool and towel duty. I am also the one who gets an absolute drenching when he kicks his little legs and splashes water all over the bathroom. It is lovely to watch my husband bathing him. It sounds silly, but he's so good at it. As I'm sure many of you will know, bathing a wriggly baby who wants to crawl and climb about the bath is no easy task whatsoever, but he makes it look so easy and he's so calm. It makes a lovely end to a day.  

He has accumulated quite a collection of lovely bath toys now, plus a couple of homemade ones too. He is in his own little world with his toys in the bath, splashing about and having a whale of a time. Ever since he had his first ever bath, he has always cried when he is taken out, and he still does it now. But as soon as he's dry and calm, he will always have a sneaky peak at himself in the mirror. I managed to capture these shots of him at bath time recently. 

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  1. Oh my goodness that first photo is absolutely beautiful- you should put it in a frame. Bathtime is a favourite time in our house, I love to watch my little ladies splashing and having fun. x

    1. Aw thank you, that's a lovely thing to say, I think I will frame it! It seems to just capture his cheeky monkey personality. Bath time is fab, although he bathroom floor always needs a good mop afterwards... x

  2. These are such lovely photos!
    I've always loved giving my little boy a bath, but recently he's not been so keen on them. I think there are just too many other things to do! I'm hoping it's just a phase and we'll be able to reinstate bath time as an ordinary moment again too.

    1. Thank you! Glad you like them :-) it is a lot of fun but like you say, there's always so much to do and it does take up a substantial part of the evening! Little One is going through a "I want to climb around the bath and mess with the shower" phase... I'm sure your little boy will enjoy them again in time x


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