Monday, 23 June 2014

The Ordinary Moments # 6 'Let's eat together'

It's that time of week when I link up with Katie at Mummy Daddy Me for The Ordinary Moments

I know I haven't posted anything since The Ordinary Moments # 5 last week and it only feels two seconds ago that I posted it. Since I've been back at work full time, time has been flying right past me. In fact, the past couple of weeks just seem to have vanished and I can't quite believe it is almost Little One's first birthday. Already?

I'm loving pondering about our ordinary moments right now because while it is lovely going out on family outings at the weekend, it is the regular day to day things which I'm enjoying most right now. Because I don't get to see him all day, we have started to really make an effort to eat together as a family. 

We used to give him his evening meal fairly early and he would eat something separate to us and at a different time. Now, there's nothing better than coming in from work and cooking something really simple, quick and tasty for us to all eat together at the same time. Little One will feed himself now with a little help from us, and it's so much better than it used to be. 

Of course, we do still have the odd day where we haven't got our acts together to prepare something for us to all have together, but when we do eat together, it's one of my favourite ordinary moments. And while the last thing I want to do after a long day at work is clean pasta sauce from every nook and cranny of the kitchen, I still believe that his messy meals are definitely the best. 

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  1. Oh these photos are so cute- I love the happy smiles. Eating together as a family is so ordinary but I know it is something I will miss when my girls are grown up. Although in our house it isn't always relaxing as my biggest girl is so fussy and dinner takes SO long! x

    1. Thank you! He is so messy though! God I'm so pants at replying! Juggling FT work, baby and a blog is hard work! Dinner is rarely relaxing as you say, it takes so long and there's so much mess to clear up afterwards, but on those days when you can just eat together it's a lovely time x


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