Sunday, 20 July 2014

The Ordinary Moments # 9 'Little Rockstar'

Coming from a musical family, I grew up surrounded by the sounds of wonderful music. My dad is a fantastic musician and always helped us and encouraged us with our music. He taught my 3 siblings and I how to sing and how to play the piano amongst many other things. He paid for us to have violin lessons and drove us around for hours to go to music practices and choir rehearsals. He taught us skills which we would carry throughout our lives and helped us develop a lifelong love of music; something I'll be eternally grateful for. 

When Little One was born, I felt how lovely it would be to pass on this deep love of music onto him. It's rooted in his genes on both sides of the family and it is through singing that his daddy and I met in the first place. 

I have always sung to Little One from day 1. I sung (very quietly!) to him when he was unwell in hospital, I sung him lullabies to lull him to sleep when he was in his Moses basket, and I have always sung silly songs and nursery rhymes to him when we play, when he has a bath or when I change his nappy. If I'm lucky, it will either stop him crying or make him giggle. 

It was lovely to see how happy he was when my husband played the guitar to him recently. He was fascinated. He reached out with his little hand and strummed the strings himself ans since then, he has been hooked. Before he goes to bed, we now go and get the instruments out for him to look and at play with. He sits and strums the strings and hits the bongos frantically. Sometimes he will sit on my knee and bash on the piano too. Tonight my dad even brought round my old push along xylophone (which he'd kept for over 20 years) for Little One to play with and enjoy. 

Who knows if Little One will continue to enjoy music as he gets older. Maybe he'll be a famous rockstar! Maybe he won't be. Whatever he chooses to do, I hope I can inspire him to develop a love of a hobby in the same way as my dad inspired me. For now, music forms a big part of our everyday lives and it seems to bring him so much pleasure and smiles. 

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  1. Music is such a nice talent, skill to teach our children! Looks like your son is really into it this early! Rock on! #ordinarymoments

    1. It's a lovely skill to have. I do remember it taking up most of my free time as a child/teenager however! He is into it so much at the moment! It's the one thing that captures his attention for more than 2 minutes! x

  2. What gorgeous photos, I love the black and white. I think music and learning an instrument is such a lovely hobby, I wish I had. We aren't really a musical family but it's something I would love the girls to pursue. He looks like he is having lots of fun! x

  3. Aaw thank you Katie, that's a lovely thing to say :-) I did a lot of music as a child and although I sometimes hated it at the time, I worked hard at it and music is what I ended up studying at university! I think it's a good hobby to pursue as it opens many doors for children x


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