Sunday, 17 August 2014

LamaLoLi Children's Clothing Review

I've been doing a huge sort out of Little One's clothes recently, delving into all the drawers and the wardrobe, sorting through a mass of cute sleepsuits, vests, trousers and tops. During the recent UK heatwave, many of his clothes were left folded in the drawers and unworn for a good couple of weeks as it was too hot for him to wear most of them. When the weather turned, I went back to the drawers to resurrect the sleepsuits and vests, only to discover that Little One must have had some sort of major growth spurt over the past couple of weeks and so many of his clothes no longer fitted him. His drawers have been looking decidedly bare with very little variety!

It was great timing therefore, when I was very kindly offered the chance to choose some items of clothing to review from LamaLoLi, an online shop selling a wide range of licensed branded clothing for babies and children. Their products feature colourful images of characters from a wide range of brands, including Angry Birds; Disney brands such as Mickey, Minnie, Frozen, Sofia and Winnie the Pooh; Batman and Hello Kitty, to name just a few. With so many brands to choose from I'm sure there is a product to please most children. 

If you have slightly older children who are into a certain star or hero from TV or film, then you will know how expensive licensed products featuring a character or brand can be, from T-shirts and hoodies to bed linen and bags. All the products from LamaLoLi come at a reasonable price and you can be sure that they carry the necessary brand licenses. A full list of the brands they cover can be found here.

Because Little One is probably still too young to be 'into' a favourite character or star from a film, I just had a look at what clothing was available in his size and didn't mind too much about which character was on the clothing. I opted for the Mickey Mouse designs. Afterall, Mickey Mouse is a vintage classic isn't he?! There is a wide range of vests, sleepsuits, T-shirts, tops, shorts, trousers as well as a a few coats and pyjama sets too. 

The sizes in the baby range come in 3 months, 6 months, 12 months, 18 months and 24 months. We opted for 12 months, but I found the sizing of the red "Who's Da Boss?" and the blue t-shirt to be on the small side, and noticeably smaller than the t-shirt/shorts combi set (also in age 12 months) What with his recent growth spurt, I don't think Little One will be in his clothes for very long sadly! In retrospect I would have opted for the 18 month size. The children's clothing range comes in ages 2-14. 

The clothes are made from good quality cotton and feel soft. I have washed one of the T-shirts and it has come out of the wash really well while the printing on the front has shown no inital signs of wear yet. We chose a red 'Who's Da Boss?' T-shirt, a bright blue 'Summertime' T-shirt and a 'Mickey Little Artist' T-shirt/Short combi outfit. 

These are the clothes we were sent. They are lovely and bright and we have been very happy with our choices. Thank you to LamaLoLi for giving us the chance to try out some of their lovely clothes. 

For more information or to browse their lovely clothing collections, check out their website or their Facebook page. 

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