Sunday, 3 August 2014

Little One's 12 Month (1 year!) Update

This will probably be the final update until Little One is 18 months because there will be fewer changes now that he is one! I will find I'm having to buy fewer clothes and there will probably be fewer milestones too. Overall, it doesn't feel like he's changed that much since he was 11 months, but maybe as I start to document it all, I will start to realise that he has changed more than I think...

Weight- We haven't taken you to the HV to be weighed recently but you were very good and sat on the scales with Mummy at home. You weighed just over 24lb. 

Height- Daddy measured you with a tape measure and you were about 76cm tall. 

  • You are still fitting into some of your 9-12 month clothes (just!) but because of all this lovely warm weather, you haven't got much use out of lots of your funky bright chinos and jeans. 
  • You have started to wear some of your 12-18 month clothes which you were given for your birthday. Some are a touch on the big side but they just look even cuter! I'm hoping they will still fit you through the autumn too... if you don't get too big and tall! Right now you seem to just be loving crawling around in just a vest or a t-shirt. I sometimes wish I could do the same...
  • You are wearing Pampers 4+ nappies (Active Fit for day and Baby Dry for night). 

  • You will wake up around 7:45am, have your breakfast between 8am and 8:30am and then have your morning bottle at 9:30am which you simply LOVE!
  • You are having about one nap a day from 11am til 1pm and you will often have a snooze in the car too. 
  • You like eating your lunch is around 1pm and then you eat a snack around 3:30pm.
  • You eat dinner with mummy and daddy usually at 6pm. 
  • Your bedtime creeped a little later recently so you now have your bath at 7:30pm. You still love having a bath, especially if it involves lots of bubbles and bath toys. You are a little wriggly sometimes though.
  • You finish your busy day with a bottle of milk, a story, a cuddle in your blankie and of course Goodnight Moon too.


  • You're still a good little sleeper but I think that sometimes, you prefer to sit and chat to Grey Bear or have a crawl around your cot. The way you manage to crawl and cruise the entire perimeter of your cot while you're still in your gro-bag still baffles me...

  • You love to feed yourself different finger foods but you will also let Mummy and Daddy feed you with a spoon too. Sometimes you will even take the spoon from us and feed yourself and then you will hand it back to us, which is very cute. 
  • You are very kind and have started sharing your food and offering us things you don't want to eat!
  • For breakfast you seem to still be loving Weetabix and toast. 
  • Your lunch is usually a pick n mix selection of different finger foods and you like to feed yourself. You like things like bread or sandwich/panino, red pepper, cucumber, grated carrot, ham, cheddar cheese, houmous and avocado. 
  • Your favourite afternoon snacks are Soreen lunchbox loaf or a banana. You have also started to enjoy auntie and uncle's Polish snacks- Paluszki corn sticks and Petitki Biszkopty.
  • For dinner, you like to eat with Mummy and Daddy.
  • You are a good water drinker- Mummy could learn a few lessons from you. 
  • You still love having milk from your bottle in the morning and evening. 

Favourite toys- 
  • You love your friend Grey Bear, I think he's your favourite toy. I love how you look around your cot for him when we put you to bed each night. You fall asleep clinging onto him and you are usually hugging him in the morning too. 
  • You were such a lucky boy for your birthday and you were given some lovely toys. You have been loving your little xylophone, and you like helping Mummy with the cleaning with your new toy mop and brush. You are starting to understand how different toys work now and you love the stack and drop Froggie toy. 

  • You now have 7 teeth and a lovely smile to go with them.  
  • You are getting super quick at crawling. Sometimes Mummy has to run to catch you.  
  • You're making lots of new exciting sounds- Dada is still your number one sound but I think you are also saying baba and you are saying ma now too. 
  • You are super strong and can pull yourself up on anything. 
A x 


  1. This is a lovely post! Don't be too sure about not needing to do monthly updates from now on though!
    Thanks for linking up with #WeekendBlogHop!

    1. Thank you Vicky. Haha I was just thinking the same thing. I guess he still will change a lot month by month- jusy not sure what to expect! Weekend Blog Hop is fab, it's such a great idea and I've already found lots more lovely blogs to read :-) Thanks for your comment x

  2. Hi Amelia, what a great way to document the changes in your son! One day he'll be able to look back and smile and maybe share these posts with his own children!

    It is cute when they have a favourite soft toy. My son still has the remains of Winnie The Pooh on his bed and he's 17! Is a Soreen lunch loaf the same as the malt loaf...I love Soreen malt loaf and am not sure it would make it to little ones plate if it were up to me.

    I commend you for encouraging your little man to eat healthy foods too. I think it's great and as for the toy mop and bucket, I think my two could probably take a leaf out of Little Ones book!

    1. Yes I thought I might document his monthly updates like this form now on. I think one of the best things about starting my blog is that I've been so much more pro-active in taking photos of him regularly and documenting his milestones and changes; something I probably would have forgotten to do had I just used a baby journal book.
      Aw that's really sweet that your son still has his Winnie the Pooh.
      Thank you- but luckily he just seems to have an appetite for anything I give him- he's even started to give broccoli a try! Yes, it's the Soreen malt loaf but in the new snack bar size. They're delicious!
      Thanks for having a read and commenting, Amelia x

  3. Aww this is lovely! 7 teeth! That's more than Ethan has I think! hehe :)

    Alex xx

    1. Thank you Alex :-) Yep 7 teeth but no sign of an 8th yet, hoping we might get a bit of a break from teething for a while!
      Amelia x


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