Tuesday, 5 August 2014

The Ordinary Moments #11 'Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon'

In school term time, we usually have quite chaotic, busy weekends. On a Saturday morning I go and teach children the violin, then we drive 40 minutes away to take Little One to Waterbabies swimming class and then come home again, by which time it's a quick bite to eat and a nap for Little One. Sundays are normally even more busy. As my husband works on Sundays as a singer, it usually means he is out for either the morning or the afternoon, making impromptu family trips difficult unless they are planned ahead of time. 

This Sunday, with no football, no swimming and no singing, we had a completely free day. We deliberately hadn't made any special plans as we didn't want to be disappointed if the weather was rubbish. It turned out to be a cool but sunny day. It took us until lunch time to decide what to do (I am horrendously indecisive), but we loved just being able to laze about the house and play with Little One. I told myself that on the Sunday we would do "No housework, no weekend shopping trip" (even though the fridge was looking decidedly bare) I was not going to waste our one day at home together by battling through the Sunday crowds at Asda. Sometimes you just have to leave all that and get out of the house.

We went for a tasty roast dinner at a fairly local pub called Dick Hudsons. It made a lovely change being able to sit and eat together without the mealtime being utter chaos. Little One loved sharing our roast dinners sitting watching all the other diners eat theirs too. I sometimes get a bit nervous when we do take him to a restaurant, especially if the food takes forever to be served, but he was, on the whole (bar throwing his Tommee Tippee cup at the next table) good as gold. 

As the pub was in the village where my husband grew up, he really wanted to take Little One to the park where he went to play as a little boy. It's such an ordinary thing going to the park but it a lovely moment watching daddy push his baby boy on the swings, knowing that it was where he used to play at the same age. We decided to go for a little walk and ended up going for a walk down a quiet road to have a nosey at some rather lovely houses (you know, the ones which most people could only dream of living in). We stopped off to say hello to the sheep and chickens by a farm and had a little potter around the farm shop. 

It was lovely to have an ordinary, lazy unplanned Sunday afternoon. I know not all Sundays can be like this, and yes, most Sundays I will need to battle the crowds at Asda and hoover the house and do 5 loads of laundry, but sometimes we have to forget all that and just get out of the house and do something fun together.  

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  1. Gorgeous photos lovely and you have made me want roast dinner now- yum! I haven't had a good roast dinner for ages because my fussy girls won't eat it. x

    1. It was a pretty tasty dinner, I must say! Roast dinner is my favourite! What a shame your girls don't like it- I'm sure they will in years to come! x


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