Monday, 11 August 2014

The Ordinary Moments #12 'If You Go Out in the Woods Today...'

I think it's fair to say we have been quite spoiled in the UK with the lovely weather we have had this summer. But in true British fashion, it had to rain sometime. It's on rainy days like these that I struggle to keep Little One entertained for the whole day in the house so even though the weather is cold and wet, I still try to get him out and about.

Somewhere we have been going a lot this past week is a local reservoir. It's a short drive from our house and doesn't look like your typical reservoir at all. It's more reminiscent of being beside a gorgeous Canadian lake. We can go there in the rain and walk all the way around the surrounding forest under the shelter of the trees. There's something quite magical about being in a forest in the rain. It's like being in a giant tent, hearing the rain pattering down from above. 

Even though it was raining, as soon as my husband got in from work we put our wellies and our big winter coats on, wrapped up Little One so he was cosy and warm, jumped in the car and headed off for an evening stroll in the rain around the reservoir. It was bliss. There was hardly a soul around. We looked at the trees, saw some dogs and splashed in some muddy puddles (Mummy and Daddy that was...) and the rain did stop for a short time too. The trees looked so lovely with dappled sunlight streaming through.  

We normally go to the reservoir every weekend when it's sunny and warm and stop off for a cheeky ice cream at the van. And although there was no sunshine, no ice cream and we looked like we were dressed more suitably for November than August, it was definitely my favourite ordinary moment of this week. So what if we got a bit wet, it beats sitting inside waiting for the sun to come out...

A kind dog walker even stopped to take this family photo of us. 

mummy daddy me

A x


  1. What stunning stunning photos lovely, some of my favourite of yours so far- that last family photo is lovely, you picked a good person to ask, whenever I ask a random stranger to take a photo of us we always end up with heads cut off and funny angles or blurry! x

    1. Aaw thank you so much, that means a lot :) it really does. This is what I love about having a little blog, it's encouraged me to take so many photos of Freddie and us as a family, many more than I ever would have done if I didn't have this blog. Yeh the stranger came up to me with her 3 dogs and just offered! She was very skilled! Amelia x


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