Sunday, 17 August 2014

The Ordinary Moments #13 'Moments with Daddy'

As I'm normally the one snapping away behind the camera, you might have spotted Little One's daddy in a number of the photos on my blog. I don't think I've written much to do with him on here though and I feel he deserves a bit of recognition for being an awesome daddy to Little One. 

I do most of the day to day caring for Little One but as soon as my husband gets in from work, he dives straight into daddy 'duties'; changing him, bathing him and playing with him for hours. He'll play silly games and make him giggle endlessly. Yes, often the sitting room is a complete and utter tip after they've finished playing, and often I might get a little mad, but then I stop and think of all the memories they are busy making. Nevermind the mess. We will clear that up later when Little One has gone to bed. He'll carefully cut all his food up for him into little pieces, blowing on each one to make sure it's not too hot. It's little things like that, simple ordinary things, which make me smile inside.

If I'm busy doing something, I'll often peep through the sitting room door and smile to myself as I watch them playing and messing around.. Daddy will be playing him tunes on the little xylophone or Little One will be climbing on sofa cushions which daddy has laid all over the floor as an obstacle course. It's lovely to watch and they definitely have a very special father-son bond which I hope will continue and grow for many years to come. 

Today marked a big day for many people across the UK: the start of the premier league football season! My husband is a massive Liverpool fan and he was so excited to be able to watch the first game of the season with his 1 year old son in his baby Liverpool top sitting on his knee. This day might not have been a special day for me but to him, it meant a lot. I was also quite happy as it meant I got a couple of hours to myself which I was more than happy to have! I did catch a bit of the match and took a couple of sneaky photos of the my two boys, little and large, enjoying some father-son time together. And as Little One grows up, I hope they can enjoy many more father-son ordinary moments together. 

What to do during half time? Read a book of course!

They looked so cute in their matching Liverpool tops. I'm not sure Little One understood why daddy was shouting at the TV. 

mummy daddy me

A x


  1. Such a beautiful post! I think sometime we can forget that the small things mean just as much if not more than big gestures. My daughters dad was like this when she was that age, they too loved watching Liverpool together in their matching kits!

    1. Aw thank you so much :) I must admit, even though i don't care much for the football, the tiny matching kits are very cute :)

  2. Awww what a lovely ordinary moment- and I bet it was so special for Daddy to have that time with his little one. Hopefully he will grow up loving football like him and it was become a special bond between the two of them. My husband is a massive Man U fan and I think he hope's the girl's will be into football, but as yet Mads isn't showing much interest. ;) xx

  3. It is a lovely moment for them to share. Mads may well become interested in it when she's 7 or 8 maybe! Ooh Man U! Big rivals ;) x


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