Tuesday, 26 August 2014

The Ordinary Moments #14 'Bank Holiday Weekend'

It's that time of week where I link up with Katie from Mummy Daddy Me for 'The Ordinary Moments'. 

This past bank holiday weekend, I thought we were going to have a long weekend of lounging at home, hiding away from the horrid weather and trying to get the house sorted out. As it turned out it seems we always end up being busy in one way or another and actually crammed a huge amount into those three days. 

On Saturday we sent Little One off to spend some time with his other grandparents and my husband and I spent most of the day helping my parents pack up their rather big Victorian house all ready for them to complete their big move abroad. Not only was it extremely tiring with packing up things and lifting heavy boxes but it was quite emotionally draining, sorting through and packing away years worth of memories, old family photos and little family trinkets, ornaments and birthday cards which we made when we were little. 

On Sunday, in preparation for our forthcoming holiday, and seeing as Waterbabies lessons haven't been on over summer, we decided to take Little One swimming at one of the local pools. I really thought he was going to have forgotten about pools and swimming but he absolutely loved it and was beaming as his daddy swam him around. Sunday mornings perhaps aren't the best time to go for a quiet swim (it was absolutely heaving and very noisy) but at least he will feel a little more prepared when we spend lots of time in the pool on holiday. 

After the rain died down, we went for our regular late afternoon walk around our local reservoir and woods. This time we pushed Little One around in his Smart Trike instead of his pushchair and he loved it. It was a little bumpy but he seemed to enjoy the view, looking at the runners and dogs waking past. 

On Monday we drove down to Derbyshire for a farming and countryside show in a place called Hope. Sadly the weather was rubbish and it rained the whole day but we went armed with our macks, wellies and umbrellas and Little One was wrapped up warm in his pushchair (which was a bit of a nightmare to push around the boggy fields). Little One loved seeing the different animals and his face was a picture when he saw the furry highland cattle. We enjoyed sampling different treats like fudge and Baklava and had some delicious hog roast and fish and chips for lunch. 

The highlight of the day was definitely the bubbles display. Little One just loved watching hundreds of beautiful bubbles fly through the air and then watch them pop. he was so excited by the bubbles, kicking his little arms and legs. I honestly think we could have stayed there watching them all day. I was mesmerised. I love how such a simple thing can bring everyone, both big and small, so much pleasure. It's a shame the weather wasn't sunny, but despite the rain it was a nice day out and worth the drive, even if just for the simple pleasure of watching those bubbles :)

Photos courtesy of Kim Eggleton

mummy daddy me

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  1. Ahh - sounds like you guys had the perfect bank holiday weekend. I would LOVE to take Ethan to a bubble show - that sounds SO awesome! x

    1. It was a bubble display within a farming show, it was so random but so cool! We could have stayed all day daydreaming at the bubbles x

  2. Sounds like a lovely weekend, although I can imagine it is very emotional packing up your parent's house. The bubble show looks amazing and that photo is fantastic! x

    1. It was very sad packing up their house, especially as they have moved abroad. But we had a lovely weekend- the bubbles were amazing! The guy is meant to be sending my mother in law the secret recipe for the bubbles! x


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