Sunday, 31 August 2014

The Summer That Was

Today, after weeks of drizzly, cold and windy weather, the sun was shining and we were able to sit out in the garden once more. I love that feeling of having the sun warming the back of my neck and seeing Little One crawl around happily on the grass and not needing to go out in a raincoat. It's unfortunate that the weather in August was rubbish, and we didn't manage to get out as much as we'd have liked. But I think you have to have 'those days' where you might have a bit of a dull day of sitting inside (we had a lot of those this summer) in order to make you appreciate those gorgeous sunny days where you just want to spend the whole day outside and have a picnic at the park. 

As August draws to a close, and we move into September, I thought I'd look back on all the things we have loved about the summer that was.  
Mummy has loved:
The light evenings when we have sat outside or gone for an evening stroll before sunset. 
Putting Little One in cute shorts and t-shirts.
Numerous trips to the park in the late afternoon sunshine.
Seeing friends more often. Everyone seems more willing to have an impromptu get-together in summer!
The feeling of the warm sun on my skin.
Going for spontaneous picnics- the ones where you grab a blanket, get in the car, pop into the co-op to grab some yummy treats, and go and find somewhere nice to sit and eat.
Spending lots of time with Little One after I'd finished work.

Daddy has loved:
His days off to spend quality time with Little One when I was back at work.
Sunny days out to Bolton Abbey and summer fetes. 
Getting in from work and going to the park with Little One. 
Walks around the local reservoir and forest. 
The fact that we haven't had a holiday yet so we have one to look forward to in September.
The World Cup.

Little One has loved:
Splashing in his paddling pool.
Playing in the garden at nursery. 
Going for walks on his Smart Trike. 
Going to a farming show and seeing lots of huge bubbles. 
Lots of trips to the park to go on the swings come rain or shine. 
Seeing all his pals for 1st birthday celebrations. 
Crawling and exploring- especially on the lawn in the garden. 

What have you loved about this summer?

A x


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