Thursday, 25 September 2014

A Family Adventure to Menorca- Part 1

You may have seen on my Twitter or Instagram that we have recently been away in for a lovely week of sunshine in Menorca; our first holiday abroad as a family. We chose to stay in the Grupotel Aldea in the resort of Cala 'n Bosch on the south western tip of the island. A truly stunning little place with a gorgeous white sandy beach in a bay.

I would say this was a totally different holiday to any sort of holiday we have had before, purely because of going with Little One. I knew it'd be amazing taking him abroad and letting him experience a new place, culture and food, not to mention daily trips to the pool and beach, but I totally underestimated how tiring it would be carrying him around in the heat and watching him 24/7 in a new environment which he was so intrigued by, not to mention the slippery tiled floors, no stair gates and the swimming pool! Having said this, I wouldn't have changed the holiday one bit, and although we cam back exhausted, it was a wonderful experience for us a family and also for Mr F to be able to spend lots of quality time with Little One; the most since he was on paternity leave. 

We deliberately didn't make lots of plans for the holiday. Menorca is a very quiet island and because we didn't hire a car, we would have had to get the bus to go anywhere out of Cala 'n Bosch. We tried this once to visit Ciutadella, the second largest town on the island. There, we strolled around the quiet streets, had a lovely lunch and took Little One to play in the park. We didn't look into what else there was to do in Menorca but we quickly learnt that you have to go at a slow pace and not demand too much of a 13 month old in the heat! 

I'd say if you're looking for a nice, safe and quiet place to take your little one away on holiday then Menorca is definitely a great choice. While we didn't have the most action packed holiday in the world, we enjoyed the slow pace of life and our little routine of nice meals, playing on the beach or in the pool and going for lovely evening strolls around the gorgeous marina. The locals and hotel staff were all so friendly and helpful, it made us feel so welcome. 

I really think Little One came on in leaps and bounds during the week, and he certainly showed us what a sociable little boy he has become. Every time someone said 'Hola' to him he would reach out his arms for a cuddle with them and it made us smile every single time. A highlight was when the lady in the local bakery said 'Hola' and he reached out for her and she lifted him over the bread counter for a cuddle. It was very sweet. 

 I must have taken over 500 photos on iPhone and my DSLR camera I was so eager to capture every moment. I know you can't remember anything before about the age of 3 and I want to be able to show Little One his first holiday when he's older. Just looking at the photos makes me want to go straight back again, and it makes me feel such a lucky lady to have been able to share this wonderful week with my two boys. 

Taking a stoll around the gorgeous marina in Cala'n Bosch. Little One loved looking at the boats but got frustrated being in his buggy.

Looking out onto the beach from our balcony. I honestly think we had the best apartment in the hotel. What a view!

On our daily stroll to the swimming pool. The hotel had two but we favoured the quieter pool with more shade (probably why we hardly tanned at all!) Little One loved crawling back along the path, going up to hold on the palm trees on the way.

There were so many gorgeous pink, red and orange flowers around the hotel grounds.

A beautiful sunny evening at the marina. There are so many nice restaurants around the edge with tables looking out over the water. 'El Pato' (in the background) became our favourite. the paella and pizza were amazing. 

Reading the menu in Las Tapas- well you've got to have tapas when on holiday in Spain!

View of Cala'n Bosch beach.

View from our balcony.

A pre-dinner walk along the beach. I think someone was tired of mummy and daddy taking photos by this point.

Towards the end of the holiday, Little One decided that walking hand in hand was much more comfy than crawling on the hard floor. 

A rare photo of the three of us. Self timer mode, naturally.

There must have been something really interesting in the marina but I'll never know what it was.

I loved the way the shop and restaurant lights twinkled and reflected on the water. Truly magical. 

A Barcelona ball for a Liverpool fan. 

I love how intrigued he was by the sea. At first he would only go this close, crawling away frantically when a wave came in, but by the end of the week he was in the water and swimming and smiling. 

I will be sharing a few more Menorca photos on here including some from our little excursion to the town of Ciutadella. 


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