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Product Review: TEN Skincare Range

I haven't really talked much on my blog about any beauty or skincare but it's something I am really into. I used to love reading about the latest beauty craze in magazines or watching endless YouTube videos reviewing the latest skincare or makeup products. Since being a mummy, I simply don't have the time to do that anymore and consequently I end up buying products on a whim. Often I buy items which I haven't read reviews on and products which say they will do something amazing and don't deliver the results. 

I was therefore very excited when I was recently contacted by TEN Skincare, a company specialising in premium boutique skincare for mother and baby who asked if I would like to try out some products from their new range. I couldn't wait to try them out as I don't normally treat myself to buying premium beauty products. I received the Baby Protective Diaper Cream, the Baby Cleansing Foam and the Breast Care Cream.

I am a total sucker for packaging, probably because that is Mr F's line of work, but the I did think the boxes and branding looked great and definitely felt and looked of a good quality. 

TEN Baby Cleansing Foam
I was pleased to be trying out a bath product as we have tried all sorts of different bath products, including the leading brands, with Little One and it took us a long time to find something which didn't leave him with dry skin. I was a little nervous to try yet another product in case it gave him dry skin again, but with the TEN Baby Cleansing Foam, I needn't have worried. It comes in a bottle and the product pumps onto your hand as a foam. It is lightly scented, containing the natural oils of calendula and chamomile. I really love the smell and it's actually very relaxing. It rubs onto his skin nicely and two pumps will wash him all over thoroughly. I find it leaves his skin feeling both soft and clean and it doesn't cause any dryness or irritation. I am trying to use it sparingly however, because at £18.50 it is quite pricey. On the plus side, because you pump it directly onto your hand, you don't waste much and the bottle seems to have lasted us for quite some time. 

TEN Protective Diaper Cream
I have always tended to use Sudocrem as a nappy rash cream for Little One and it has always done a good job, but I have never been fond of the smell or the feel of it on my hands. We have been trying out the TEN Protective Diaper Cream which comes in a 75ml squeezy tube. It contains zinc oxide which is found in most nappy creams as that is what protects baby's skin from the damp and humidity of a nappy, but the cream feels more nourishing than other nappy creams I have used before. It's very light and creamy in texture, similar to a facial moisturiser. I think it is the addition of almond oil, shea butter and aloe vera which make it feel cooling on the skin and so so soft. I used this on him last night and by morning the redness had all gone. Again, you can use this very sparingly so one tube should last a while. A 75ml tube will cost £19.80. 

TEN Breast Care Cream
The TEN Breast Care Cream is a product you would probably want to use while pregnant or just after you have had baby as it suggests using it when you get that 'itchy' or 'burning' sensation. It also aims to help firm up skin and improve elasticity. I wish I'd found this product when I was pregnant because it can also be used to help prevent strecth marks! 

I don't feel I really needed to use this product in this area so I thought I'd see how it worked on an area where I could do with some firming up and some help with skin elasticity- my belly! I'm sure many of you will relate to this as your belly really does go through a lot when you're pregnant. Mine certainly did. I went two weeks overdue with a big, long baby and I got stretch marks. I was not good at applying moisturiser to my belly when I was pregnant and consequently I ended up with a wrinkly belly. 

I started using the breast care cream on my belly, morning and night, and I did start to see some difference. I think I'd have to continue to use it for a while to notice any major changes but my skin felt softer, more supple and the skin felt tighter. I did find the cream to be a little sticky and it left my hands feeling tacky after applying it. I did also find that I had to wait a few minutes before putting clothes on because my skin was tacky. But the light frangrance was pleasant and my skin would feel silky soft the following morning. The tube is 125ml and costs £34.50. I think this would make a really lovely baby shower gift for a mama-to-be or to give her as a treat after the birth, maybe along with a couple of other products from the range. 

So would I purchase these products again myself? I will definitely miss the Baby Cleansing Foam when the bottle has run out, simply because we love using it so much so I would consider purchasing another bottle. It is so gentle on his skin and smells divine. As far as the other products I tried go, they cost more than I would usually like to spend so would probably opt for a slightly cheaper option. I do feel these are great products nonetheless.

You can purchase the TEN Skincare range from or from Boots.

*I was kindly gifted these products by TEN skincare. All opinions expressed and photographs used are my own.


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