Monday, 1 September 2014

The Ordinary Moments #15 'Life Through a Lens'

Since having Little One, I must have taken thousands of photos. I look back on my laptop and I can't quite believe just how many photos I have of him. I think back to the mid 1980s when I born and how few photos there are of me when I was little. Sure, there were some, and the fact that there aren't oodles of them makes them that extra bit special. But I'm so glad that I've been able to document our life as a little family of three and how Little One has changed and grown over the last 13 months. 

Since I started blogging, I have taken even more interest in photography. I dabbled with it a bit as part of my A Level art, but not in a big way. But I have always been the one who has gone everywhere with a camera; be it for weddings, holidays, days out, or just around the house. I'm always there with a camera of some sort. I rely heavily on my trusty iPhone camera for day to day things, but I also use a Canon 1000d DSLR too. I stopped using it for a while and sort of forgot how to use it properly (ie, not on auto setting!). Starting this blog and reading family/lifestyle and photography blogs (I Heart Snapping; Mummy Daddy MeCapture By LucyDigital Photography School to name a few) on a daily basis re-ignited my enthusiasm and over the past couple of months I have been really excited to use my DSLR more and more. 

With this new enthusiasm, I felt inspired to invest in a new lens. I opted for a Canon 50mm f1.8 prime lens. I spent quite a long time researching and trying to decide on which type of lens to get. There are so many choices available. I was also on quite a tight budget and didn't want to spend too much initially. It was after reading this article on the fantastic website I Heart Snapping, and seeing some of the gorgeous examples of photos on there that I opted for the 'nifty fifty' 50mm prime lens. 

I am over the moon with my new purchase and have spent all weekend in and out of the house trying it out. The lovely thing is that my husband is also getting really into using the camera too so it's a hobby we can enjoy together. I'm still getting to grips with it but my ordinary moments this week have been captured mostly on this lens. I thought I'd share some of my photos for anyone who is thinking about upgrading their kit lens like I did. They are a little rough around the edges and certainly won't be winning any prizes but I like that they're not perfect and that Little One is usually more distracted by something far more interesting than mummy with a camera. For some reason my husband likes taking pictures of the back of me. Here they are... 
50mm 1/400 f5.6 ISO800
50mm 1/800s f3.2 ISO800
50mm 1/500s f4.5 ISO1600
50mm 1/1600 f4.0 ISO800

mummy daddy me

A x


  1. I love your photos! They are so lovely, really natural :) xx

    1. Thank you Alex, that's a lovely thing to say :) we are quite lucky to live near such beautiful surroundings! xx

  2. What beautiful photos lovely and how exciting to have a new lens! I have a 50mm 1.8 and I love it, it's on my camera 80% of the time! I can't wait to see your photos as you get more use out of it! :) xx

    1. Aw thank you Katie :) I was so excited and literally spent all weekend experimenting with it. The physics of photography baffles me but I love it all the same. I will definitely be taking it out and about more so there will be more photos I'm sure! Well if you also have this type of lens then I'm hopeful because all your photos are absolutely stunning! xx

  3. Stunning photos! I have an old Nikon D70 that had this marks when I upload photos. And I only use auto function as I dont know how to use DSLR. And my photos is not at par with any of these amazing girls. But blogging really made me more into photography too and it saved me a lot of times from depression. #TheOrdinaryMoments

    1. Thank you! Photography is amazing isn't it- it can take you to a place where you can forget about everything else, if only for a moment, and help you to just focus on the beautiful things you're capturing. There are loads of brilliant tutorials online for help with using the manual settings :) x


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