Tuesday, 9 September 2014

The Ordinary Moments #16 'The Grumpy Days'

Up to now all my 'Ordinary Moments' posts have documented days out, Little One's exciting milestones or day to day nice moments. As Katie says, The Ordinary Moments aren't just about documenting the happy days, the trips out or the days where you go out for lots of ice cream, but also the more difficult days, the tantrums and the teething days, because after all, these are all part of the ordinary moments of our lives which shape us as parents. 

The past week we have had a bit of a diversion from our normal little routine and a it's been a teeny bit more challenging. Many moments during the past week have indeed been grumpy days. Days where we perhaps haven't gone out to play centres or the park as much as we normally would. Days where I couldn't wait for bedtime. 

And the reason? Teething. Yes, all this bother for one tiny tooth coming through. With this particular bout of teething, it brough the cold on really badly. Little One seems to suffer quite badly with colds and when he gets one, it lasts for a long time. I thought I had experienced 'teething' before but that was nothing in comparison to this. We even had a night the other day where Little One woke up in pain a few times in the night. We can't complain because he has always been a great little sleeper so it was so out of character for him to wake in the night crying. I must say, we didn't know how to deal with it as we aren't used to it. It brought back memories of waking up every 3 hours to feed him or express when he was tiny. 

He came into our bed for a cuddle, and ended up staying in until 4:30am. Needless to say, we didn't sleep because we felt so nervous that he would crawl off the bed while we were asleep. But as I lay there struggling to keep my eyes open, I glanced over to him with his rosy red cheeks, trying to snuggle up to sleep on his daddy's chest. The normal reaction at being awake at this time in the morning would be to be feeling annoyed but seeing him being soothed by the sound of his daddy's heartbeat and by getting to snuggle in our bed gave us that irreplaceable feeling of knowing that at that moment in time, we were the only people he wanted. The only ones who could soothe him and make him feel better. And for a short moment, I totally forgot it was 4:30 in the morning. 

Teething days are just another ordinary moment and part and parcel of being a baby and a toddler. They are sometimes quite challenging, especially those days when all they want to eat is fromage frais. But then those days quickly vanish and you are back to your normal routine without you even realising. Those grumpy days aren't that bad really, but they definitely make me appreicate the good times even more. I'm so glad that he is back to his normal happy self and he's got his smile back. A different, new smile with an extra tooth :)

Back to his normal cheeky self, now the proud owner of 8 teeth (the new one is still very tiny!)
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  1. Bless him and I think it is so important to write down the not so great moments too, firstly because other Mummy's can relate to them and secondly because you don't want to look back and see motherhood through rose tinted specs. While it is the best thing ever, it can be challenging and I think in a weird way it is important to celebrate those moments too. x


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