Tuesday, 14 October 2014

{The Ordinary Moments} #20 'Cosy Jumper Days'

I think it's fair to say summer has officially departed and autumn is now here. Although I miss summer and everything that comes with it, I do think autumn is my favourite season. I love wearing warmer clothes, dark evenings, autumn scented candles and the excitement of Halloween and Bonfire Night. 

Having put our suitcases away until next year, this was the week when we folded away most of our summer clothes and dug out our big cosy jumpers, winter duvets and put on our autumn boots. We also reluctantly switched on our heating. It's been a funny old week. I have recently started doing some freelance work a few days a week so I'm trying to get my head around using a diary again and planning the week out. It's great for me to be doing something away from home and something for myself, but it's also great for making me appreciate the days I have with Little One even more, and to appreciate our everyday routine on days when we are together. 

We have all just got over being ill, luckily with autumn colds rather than the sickness big which has been going around, so we have mostly hibernated in the house. Rather than doing the usual rounds of soft play visits or visits to the park, the ordinary moments we enjoyed most together this week were in fact the days in, days where we sat wrapped up in cosy autumn jumpers or sunggled together in a blanket reading a book together, eating a biscuit or watching something on the TV. 

Normally, I find these days the most difficult, the days where I can't wait for my husband to come in from work, but like me, I really think Little One has relished being able to relax in his own home and enjoy a bit of cosy time with mummy. And when bedtime comes, there's nothing better than lighting some autumn candles, having a cheeky glass of red wine and watching a bit of Our Girl on the telly :)

We haven't taken any photos of us at home this week (we were too busy sleeping in our blanket) but this is everything I need for a cosy night in :) oh, plus chocolate. 

mummy daddy me


  1. Ah so lovely and I love the cosy days too although I admit it isn't the same with two as it gets a bit hectic. I am really bad and get cabin fever and should try and stay in a little more. When we actually do have a pj day we all really enjoy it. Love those pumpkin lanterns! x

    1. Thank you! The lanterns are by Yankee Candle! I got them in Clinton Cards last year. I know what you mean about being inside for too long. I get so frustrated having to drive everywhere though from where we live in the countryside- it's lovely but I sometimes long to live somewhere where we can just walk to places from our house in a pushchair! x


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