Thursday, 13 November 2014

Autumn Days

There are so many things I love about Autumn. The crisp cold mornings, the colourful leaves on the trees and crunchy leaves lying on the floor. Time seems to be flashing by before our very eyes though and I can't believe where the season is vanishing to. It only seems two seconds ago that we were basking in the sunshine in Menorca. Once Halloween and Bonfire night have passed, I always start to look towards Christmas. The nights are getting darker and colder, we are enjoying hearty winter food and we are putting our fluffy pyjamas on as soon as we get in the house. 

This weekend, with no plans to speak of, we decided to go on one of our regular outings to a fantastic local garden centre. I was quite astounded when I saw their 'Alpine Village'. I was definitely dressed for the part, being the only one in the garden centre to be sporting a winter pom pom hat. Amazing though it was, I felt a little pang of sadness at the thought of saying goodbye to Autumn for another year. I love Christmas and all the excitement it brings but I don't feel we have truly appreciated Autumn in all its beauty. I don't quite know what we have been doing with our time. As I said before, it seems to just fly by when you're not looking. Little One is changing right before our very eyes, and I don't want anything to pass me by. 

As we came out of the Christmas extravaganza at the garden centre, it was quite refreshing to be greeted by the sight of a blanket of colourful trees on the hillside on the other side of the road. Unusually for us, we really haven't made the most of going on Autumn walks or shown Little One the pretty leaves as we seem to have been so busy. So we decided to take him for a little Sunday afternoon walk to look at the leaves before they all fall off for winter. 

We came to the exact same spot last year when Little One was really tiny, when he was all wrapped up in a carry cot gazing up at the trees above him. This year he was walking hand in hand with us, wanting to crawl across the mossy rocks and splash his little hands in the water. 

It's these simple outings we go on as a three that we enjoy so much. It wasn't a fancy day out, just a wander around the garden centre and a walk by a beautiful lake just a few minutes from home. I can't wait for next Autumn when we'll take Little One back to this same spot again and he'll be running around and jumping in the leaves himself.

Little One was just hysterical with laughter, clapping every time daddy ran over to do self timer. Passers by gave us a few funny looks...

He was fascinated by the duck who kept swimming past. 

I love the reflection of the sunlight in this photo. It was so cold sitting there though. 

Little One loved having a little explore around this mossy patch under a tree. 

And finding acorns to hand to Daddy. 

A big sheep dog had just run past and Little One's face was a picture. He was so surprised!

Practising walking. The strides he has made with his walking even in a week is quite remarkable. They pick things up so quickly at this age. 

Little One at 15 and a half months. I think this is one of my favourite pictures of him because he just looks so happy and natural. If ever I'm having a bad day when he's at nursery, all I need to do is picture his little smile and everything feels ok again :)


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