Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Christmas Gift Inspiration for Little One

For years I have been totally disorganised when it comes to Christmas, from shopping to decorating the house to making plans for the festive season. I'm not sure what it is but this year, everyone seems to have gone into Christmas mode much earlier than normal. It felt like as soon as Halloween passed, Christmas had suddenly arrived, even though we're still only in November.

At 16 months, he's sort of in an inbetween sort of age when it comes to toys, so I am looking more at toys aimed at 18 month olds, as he'll be 18 months in January. I've tried to find a few things which will provide open ended activities so that his interest is maintained and he doesn't get bored of them after 5 minutes. I don't plan on buying all of these things, but it might give you some inspiration if you're stuck for ideas.

1. Play Kitchen
1. I really want to get him a play kitchen. It is £40 which is very reasonable for a wooden play kitchen. This one is from Asda but it seems to have been highly popular and has been out of stock for a while. If it doesn't come back into stock, then I will find a similar one such as this wooden one.

2. Iggle Piggle
2. You may have read in my recent Ordinary Moments post how much Little One enjoys watching 'In the Night Garden'. We are going to buy him an Iggle Piggle to start off his collection of characters. 

3. Tractor and Trailor
3. I bought this Kiddieland Tractor last week in B & M for £12.99. I actually decided to give it to Little One before Christmas as he is so into tractors at the moment. He's really been enjoying playing with it. Beware as it is quite noisy and there are lots of different sound effects including an Old MacDonald tune, a real tractor sound and farm animal sounds too. 

4. Town Map Rug
4. This low pile rug is from Ikea and costs £13. I had a similar one when I was a toddler and I had hours of fun playing on it and wheeling cars and small trucks around the roads. It would also help protect the nursery carpet from spillages and the inevitable bouts of sickness. You can also buy town map rugs on Amazon.

5. Tea Set
Little One loves playing with cups and mugs and when we go to play centres he's always on the look out for the toy teapot or kettle. This ELC Tea Set is available at from Amazon and costs £10.99. It is suitable for babies aged 12 months plus. 

6. Wooden Building Blocks
These are such a trraditional toy but we actually don't have any building blocks. He's enjoying making towers from stacking cups and these are sort of a step on from those. These Melissa & Doug building blocks are available from Amazon.

7. Doll
Dolls aren't traditionally associated with boys but when we go to play centres Little One seems to enjoy carrying them around and giving them a cuddle. I also read a lovely quote about the importance of playing with dolls-
"Play with dolls is of special importance because it is one of the ways through which the child can externalise his own inner being"- Rahima Baldwin Dancy. 
This Baby Boy Doll is from John Lewis and costs £8. 

8. Play Food 
If we do get a kitchen for Little One he will need some food to put in it. I love these little crates of food which are from Bigjigs but you can also get similar ones at like these by Melissa and Doug for just over £10. 



  1. Love these ideas. The baby doll is fantastic for that price! x

  2. Thank you Alex. I just love browsing online and get a bit carried away. I don't think Santa will be bringing all of these things somehow ;) Yeh it's a sweet little doll. I saw that you might also be getting Ethan a doll. Cute! xx


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