Friday, 7 November 2014

My 29th Birthday Weekend

Last weekend I celebrated my final birthday which I will have in my twenties. So yes, next year is the big 3-0. I have got to that stage where I can't actually remember how old I am and when asked earlier this week, I said I was 28, completely forgetting the fact that I am now 29. I actually share a birthday with my mum and she was over for a week from France where she now lives, so it was lovely to be able to spend it with her. 

We hadn't made any specific plans for our birthday weekend. I probably should become more organised but we just live in an impromptu spur of the moment kind of way. I had thought that it'd be nice to take her out to Leeds for some dinner and drinks but I wasn't organised enough to get someone to look after Little One. But then the thought of going out and celebrating our birthday without Little One made me feel sad and I couldn't imagine him not being there. He's become such an integral part of our lives and I wouldn't have it any other way. 

We went on a very late afternoon impromptu outing to the historic village of Haworth, where the Bronte sisters lived and grew up. It's only a 10 minute drive from where we live, but it was lovely wandering around at dusk and having a little look in the pretty, lit up shop windows. If ever you're in Yorkshire, I can definitely recommend a visit there. Some of the shops such as the Victorian Rose & Co. Apothecary are just so gorgeous and quaint. We also wandered up the famous cobbled street and meandered along to the Bronte Parsonage Bronte Parsonage which is such a gorgeous and historic building. We didn't get to spend long in Haworth but I can't wait to go back at Christmas time. 

Feeling rather chilly, we headed back to our village and tried out a new Italian restaurant which opened not too long ago. The restaurant was gorgeous inside and the food was amazing. I love Italian food and Little One loved it too. He was absolutely in his element, being his usual cheeky and charming self with the waitress. Despite Little One, my sister and I having a bit of a nappy related disaster in the toilets (why don't all restaurants invest in a baby changing table!?) it was the perfect end to a lovely, simple birthday. 

As it had been Halloween last Friday, on Sunday we took Little One to a special baby Halloween party with his 6 best pals. They dressed up in the cutest little Halloween outfits and all looked adorable as they crawled or tottered about. We dressed Little One in a pumpkin outfit we got from Asda. I definitely think there'll be some photos I'll be digging out for his 18th birthday :) It made a very sweet end to my birthday weekend. 

I got some lovely pressies for my birthday this year. One of the things my sister got me were these leopard print pumps which I will get lots of use out of as I am definitely a flats girl. Little One got me really gorgeous little jewellery cabinet. I am obsessed with Barry M's Gelly Hi-Shine nail polish so my mum picked me some gorgeous colours. I just need to find time to paint my nails now. We have been meaning to spruce up our bedroom for a while so to start us off, Mr F bought me this lovely chest of drawers and two matching bed side tables from the Herefoss range at Ikea. 

I have been wanting a piece of simple jewellery with a 'F' on for a while, for Little One's name. My sister and brother in law gave me this gorgeous charm bracelet from Lilly Belle

 At dusk we decided to head off to the local village of Haworth. It was just starting to get dark when we arrived and the shops were closing but it was still nice to have a little wander around. 

 The famous cobbled street in Haworth. It's a serious workout pushing a buggy up that hill. The Tour de France also cycled up here. 

 Being a little angel at mine and my mummy's birthday dinner. He loves eating out at restaurants and this is the first time we have been out since we were on holiday. 

 I was a mean mummy and dressed him in this rather fetching padded pumpkin outfit for his Halloween get together with his 6 best pals. 


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