Monday, 10 November 2014

{The Ordinary Moments} # 23 'Sparkles in the Night Sky'

I must admit, I love lazy Autumn evenings. As much as I enjoy getting out of the house in the week and going to different places with Little One, I always look forward to spending a bit more time at home with the three of us at the weekend. It's not often that we get two completely free days. We always have swimming lessons on a Saturday morning which we all go to together and enjoy, even though it cuts into the day a little. On Sundays, Mr F sings in a cathedral choir so he normally goes to do that. But this weekend, we were treated to a whole free weekend with no plans. 

After last weekend, with my birthday and a baby Halloween Party, and a busy week work wise for both of us (I have recently launched my own business) we couldn't wait to just have two days where we could sit at home together, go for an Autumn walk and enjoy helping Little One with his walking. We couldn't wait to curl up in a blanket, stay in with the heating on and just enjoy being at home. 

This year we decided not to go to a Bonfire or firework display. A couple of weeks ago we did watch one firework at my in-laws house and Little One hated it. So we decided not to go to a display this weekend, as it made him cry so much before, and we didn't want him to get cold and upset and have to go home again after 5 minutes. Instead we opted to watch a few pretty sparklers in the garden which he just loved. His face lit up and we had fun making shapes and writing our names. 

We are very fortunate to live up a hill with the most wonderful view across the nearby city. We saw that our neighbours were having a little firework display so we went upstairs, snuggled up in a big duvet with Little One and watched the neighbour's fireworks from our room through our big window. The fireworks just looked amazing and it was very special to be able to watch them from the coziness of our home. It was a lovely moment seeing how fascinated Little One was, pointing at the sparkles and colours in the sky, and yet how he was a bit frightened and found comfort by holding on tightly to us. It is something I will remember for a long time. 

Daddy, Mummy and Little One's initials- known amongst family as RAF. 

mummy daddy me


  1. Oh these sparkler shots are just gorgeous! I enjoyed the cosy images your post conjures up. It's lovely being cosy inside with your family x

  2. Thank you for your lovely comment Kelly. We may be brave enough next year to venture out with Little One to a proper bonfire night but you're right, nothing beats being cosy and wrapped up in the house x


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