Monday, 8 December 2014

{The Ordinary Moments} #27 'First Little Bake Off'

For one reason or another, we don't seem have become very festive in our house yet. What with me working every Saturday with my new business, swimming lessons and Mr F's work, we just don't seem to have found the time to embrace the Christmas festivities yet. I know it's still only early December but our days just seem to fly past and the week vanishes without us noticing. 

I have been reading so many lovely posts on some gorgeous blogs about festive weekends and family traditions and I've seem some truly gorgeous decorations and trees. I think I need a kick up the bum to get myself organised for next year as this year I haven't even got Little One an Advent Calendar yet! We went away for a couple of days to Bristol with Mr F's work this weekend so we decided to leave it till next week to get a tree and then the needles hopefully won't have all dropped off by Christmas day. 

Although later than most, we decided to be home all afternoon on Sunday so we could have a mini festive afternoon to get in the festive spirit. Although we have no tree yet, we still enjoyed getting out a few decorations for the fireplace and we hung the stockings by the fire. We put the heating on, gave Little One his new festive pyjamas and spent the whole afternoon and evening in our cosy house. 

This year we have made a little list of Christmas family promises, one of which was to do some baking together as it's something we haven't yet done with Little One. As it was our first attempt, we decided to keep things simple and we made chocolate krispie cakes. We laid everything on a huge tablecloth the floor for him and he absolutely loved it. He did eat a rather large amount of the rice krispies off the weighing scales so we didn't manage to make that many, but he really enjoyed it. It was nice for Mr F to do baking with him too as it is something quite ordinary but equally it felt a very special moment. 

We then made some huge mugs of hot chocolate with marshmallows and whipped cream, switched on some Christmas tunes and watched Little One have a little boogie around the living room. We may be utterly disorganised and terrible at planning Christmassy activities but it was a such a simple yet special afternoon and it's those moments I cherish the most. 

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  1. Aw I love his wee chocolatey face. Putting it all on the floor is a great idea too! Must try it with my toddler (who tends to get over-enthusiastic and swipe stuff off the counter anyway...).

    1. It worked so well with it on the floor. We have one of those plastic wipeable table cloths. He did spill a lot of rice krispies all over the place and smear chocolate on his face, but it was so much fun! x

  2. Aw so cute and he looks like is having lots of fun 'helping'- I love his outfit as well- just absolutely adorable! Yay to feeling a bit more festive now! xx

    1. Hehe- yes he did the majority of it himself- I was expecting a full on tantrum but he was loving his first 'baking' experience. Great as there was no baking at all! Definitely feeling the festive vibe now Katie xx

  3. Lovely post! I miss all those little "firsts".

    Kay xxx

  4. Awwww! Love this! He looks like he's having so much fun. Chocolate rice crispie cakes are the best. Potato ate most of our mixture when we made them too :)
    Thanks for linking up with #LittleChefs

  5. How sweet! Love your photos, looks like so much fun x


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