Sunday, 14 December 2014

{The Ordinary Moments} #28 'Date Night'

Being a parent is truly a wonderful thing. I love spending time with Little One, he's a real little chum and is such brilliant company. But with parenting comes quite a set routine. We sometimes get stuck in a rut with our little routine and some days can be truly exhausting. I love our little evening routine with bath and bedtime but I definitely think it does wonders to get out every now and again, and it's something Mr F and I aren't very good at doing. 

We have been on evenings out with Little One but I think the last time we went out just the two of us was for our wedding anniversary in July. Now I work for myself, I don't get to go to a work Christmas party, so we decided to go out for a little festive date night. We got my little sister and her boyfriend to come round and babysit and we headed off into Leeds. 

We chose probably the coldest evening of the year so far to go out on but for the first time in ages, we were able to stroll around and be carefree for the evening. We started off the evening with a browse around the gorgeous Christmas German market. It was lovely being pushchair free and being able to hold hands. We felt very festive looking at all the decorations and lights and drinking mulled wine. 

We had wanted to try somewhere quite fancy for a change, but as there were so many work Christmas parties going on in Leeds we weren't able to book a table, so we ended up wandering around for an hour looking for somewhere nice to eat. We settled for some tasty Mexican food and cocktails at Las Iguanas. It was pretty hectic and full of people on work Christmas parties but it was just nice being able to sit and be waited on for the evening and be able to chat.

Inevitably we spent most of the evening talking about Little One and how much our lives have changed since he came into the world. We have both grown up a hell of a lot, but watching everyone around us party the night away gave us a nostalgic glimpse into our lives pre-parenthood, and it felt a lifetime ago when we used to be so carefree. By 11pm we were truly exhausted and headed home on the last train. We had a lovely evening and it did us both the world of good to get out but there really is no place like home.

I got a few photos on my iPhone but sadly didn't get one of the both of us together. Is it just us who feel awkward taking selfies in public?

Leeds German Christmas Market
Enjoying a well earned cup of mulled wine
We had a stroll around the fairly new Trinity shopping centre in Leeds. The decorations were just gorgeous
A tasty passionfruit cocktail
Las Iguanas isn't the fanciest of places to go, but the food was really tasty
mummy daddy me


  1. We are the same, we hardly ever get out together anymore i think weve been out little one free 3 times since she was born and she's 2 in jan :/ we do little date nights at home though. p.s we can't do selfies out either lol!

    1. Aaw what a lovely idea- You've inspired me to have a little date night at home. Glad it's not just me with the selfies ;) x

  2. So festive in there! Love those mall decors too. Been at home for the last 3 weeks and this post made me want to go out to see the lights and the sights at night =) #TheOrdinaryMoments

    1. It was such a festive evening. The shopping centre is quite new and their decorations are just stunning. I could have stoof and just watched those all evening! You should definitely have a little wander out to see some lights and sights xx

  3. It looks like a lovely date night- like I said on twitter I have such fond memories of going to the German market when I lived in Leeds- it always made me feel really Christmassy. I loved living there so much- I miss it! And myself and my husband used to go to Las Iguanas quite a bit cause it was near where we used to work! Thanks for making me remember! :) x

    1. It was so lovely, thank you Katie. It's a shame we are so utterly disorganised as we could have gone somewhere really nice if we had planned ahead, but who doesn't love a bit of Mexican food! Leeds Christmas market is just magical and lovely as it's not too big. Aw you're welcome, hope it brought back some nice leeds memories xx


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