Saturday, 31 January 2015

{Me and Mine} A Family Portrait Project 2015- January

dear beautiful
We are so excited to be taking part in the Me and Mine family photo project again this year. We only joined in with it fairly later on last year so we are really looking forward to collecting twelve photos this year with all three of us in. Normally, one person will be missing from the photo and controlling the camera so this is a really good prompt to make us go out and collect photos of us together, and I'm sure we will really love looking back on these photos in years to come.

This month, we actually got a couple of photos right back at New Year. They're just selfies taken on my iPhone and I didn't intend for these to be our Me and Mine photos. I actually quite like them; it was snowy and they were taken on a walk we went on together at a beautiful reservoir we love visiting. I had intended on us taking a nice photo somewhere but unfortunately, the January lurgy hit our household and Little One ended up with a bad chest infection... then I got ill too. In and amongst that, Mr F being super busy with work and line and Little One's weekly routine, time just seems to have passed us by.

And here we are, it's January 31st, Little One is full of beans and totally back to his bubbly, giggly self and despite the snow on the ground, I feel a slight hint of spring in the air.

This month:

Mr F has been loving
*The snow (which we had loads of here in Yorkshire), although he hasn't enjoyed digging the snow off our road.
*Teaching Little One to wipe his own nose.
*Coming home from work and playing with Little One. 
*The new season of Suits on TV. 

I have been loving
*Taking Little One to some new really exciting play centres.
*Working on growing my new card business.
*The past couple of days since Little One has been feeling better.
*The new season of Suits on TV.
*The snow.

Little One has been loving
*Learning new words.
*Strumming and carrying around Daddy's Ukelele (!!)
*Singing songs he's learnt at nursery.
*Baking with Mummy.
*Reading books and finding different things in the pictures.
*Making lots of different animal sounds.
*Swimming lessons.



  1. These are such gorgeous family photos, that first one is absolutely beautiful you should frame it! :) Yay for Little One loving swimming lessons, Ethan adores his lessons and has SO much fun. He also loves making lots of different animal sounds! xx

  2. What a gorgeous family you have. I love your Me & Mine thanks for tweeting me your post. So great for you to join in. I did it all last year and it was lovely to have a whole year of family captures together and I am so excited to have joined the cohosting team this year. It's so fun to get creative with the whole family and capture you all together. Your little one is just precious. I was just raving how much my two love swimming lessons on a blog post the other day. We are huge puddleduck fans. Look forward to your fam capture next month. #meandmine

  3. Stunning photographs of your family in the snow. Your little one is adorable #meandmine

  4. I love a good family selfie, and these are gorgeous! Your little one is super cute x

  5. You're lucky to have had so much snow and get these great family pics with a snowy backdrop! No snow here!

  6. Oh these are just lovely. Selfies are often the best snaps I think, because you have to cuddle together to all be in them. Such a beautiful family, and I'm jealous of your snow...! Thanks so much for linking up with Me and Mine. x

  7. Gorgeous photos of you three- I love a good selfie! Especially snow ones! And your new card business sounds very exciting indeed! :) x

  8. New business cards, yay! I need to get some more! Lovely photos xxx

  9. New card business, yay , i need to get some! that was mean to say! lol sorry long day! x


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