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To My Little One... You're 18 months

My Dearest Little One,

You are now 18 months old. Well, you actually turned 18 months on January 24th but as usual, other things have got in the way and I'm a bit late in penning this. Previously I have done monthly updates, up until you were 12 months old, and I said I wouldn't write about any updates until you were 18 months, so here we are. Also, I used to just list what you had been up to but I thought it was nicer to write you a little letter which I hope you can read when you're older, and I hope to get better at this and maybe even write to you every month.

You have changed so much recently. I was looking back at some photos from our holiday to Menorca in September and you still looked so much like a baby. I'm not sure how or when you seemed to change, but it's only when I look back at photos that I notice. The biggest change is that after being a really confident crawler for months upon end, you finally started walking at 15 months and 29 days. You picked a really good day to start walking as Grampa, Umpa and Granny were all here to watch you do it for the first time and we were all incredibly proud of you. Since then, you have been up and toddling about non-stop. You aren't running yet but you are trying. Sometimes Mummy gets a bit worried as your new size 5 shoes are a bit clumpy and you sometimes get carried away by your feet and trip over.

You are still enjoying nursery and go two days a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays. You're still in the baby room and I love coming to pick you up. You always just stop what you're doing and toddle over to me saying 'Mama!' and always come for a big hug. It's my favourite part of the day on those two days. You chatter all the way home and I think you're telling me all about your exciting day. A lot of people think you're very quiet, and I suppose when we are out and about you are sometimes quite shy. You like clinging on to Mummy's leg until you're happy to toddle off on your own. You are starting to go off by yourself but you always check to make sure I'm still where you can see me. and you like to rest your head on Mummy's shoulder if you're seeing someone you're not used to. I love our little weekly trips out together- we go to meet friends, we go to play centres a lot and we also go for lovely walks and trips to the park. I am so grateful for all these lovely ordinary moments with you and I never take this time for granted. 

You are becoming quite the little chatter box at the moment! You are brilliant at saying different animal sounds, like baa baa, mmmm (moo), do-doo-doooo (cockadoodledoo) twit-twoo, miaow, and woof woof. Your favourite words are these and also tractor, flower, dall (ball), ta, mama, dada, chicken, tar (car) bear and many others too. You love reading books and I think you'd be quite happy sitting reading all day! You currently read about 4 bedtime stories and love pointing out things in the pictures, mostly tractors, flowers and mice! You won't go to bed unless your lamb and Bear are there in your cot waiting- and when you lay down you hug them both so tightly, one in each arm. Often you will still be clutching one in the morning and it's so sweet. Bear is still your trusty companion who you take with your on your adventures at nursery. 

You're currently having your nap whilst I write this. While you're napping Mummy tends to be running around downstairs doing all sorts of jobs- the laundry, hoovering, cleaning, cooking and blogging! You are still such a good little sleeper and tend to nap for 2 hours in the afternoon and you sleep from about 7:45 until 8am the next morning. Mummy and Daddy are hugely grateful that you sleep so well at night. You are getting quite big now and Mummy definitely gets lots of exercise carrying you around. You love your food, and your favourite meals are spaghetti bolognese, roast chicken, and cottage pie. You also love petit filous but you're not keen on uncooked vegetables or much fruit. 

This is especially the case at the moment as you've had a quite a nasty chest infection which started with teething (you are already getting your back set of molars and currently you have 17 teeth!). You can sometimes have very grumpy days and can be quite stubborn if you get a bit frsutrated. It's understandable though as teething is never nice and you're wanting to communicate more and more. 

You are such an incredibly affectionate little man. We love the way you hold up your arms for a cuddle when we come in to get you in the morning. You love giving us cuddles and kisses and we love how you go 'mwaaah' when you give us a kiss. You also love blowing kisses to Lexie and Chloe the cats and to other people when you say 'bye bye' to them. We are so incredibly proud of the little person you are becoming. You light up every room you go in with your cheeky little smile and infectious laugh. Sometimes when I go to bed I have jaw ache because we have been laughing so much in the day. 

Thank you for making so many memories with us Little One. I know sometimes our days can be quite ordinary and we tend to do the same things week in, week out, but like your Mummy, you truly are a little man of routine and seem to enjoy what we do together, and I wouldn't change a moment for the world <3

Love you forever my little pumpkin, 

Mummy xxxx

Playing in the January snow, not looking too impressed...

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