Saturday, 14 February 2015

A Homemade Valentine's Day

I'm so most people are a bit sick of hearing about Valentine's Day by now. I sell cards for a living so have had Valentine's cards on my mind for many more weeks than normal. Valentine's Day is a funny old day really. I do like it, but on the other hand we have never done the conventional Valentine's day thing. 

This year sees my first Valentine's day with my new business selling cards, so I felt it'd be a bit of a cop out just giving Mr F one of my own cards and I certainly wasn't going to buy an over priced one from a rival company! So Little One and I decided to get a bit creative and had our own little Valentine's craft morning. 

Inspired by Kerry's toddler Valentine's crafts post over on her blog Oh So Amelia, we thought we'd get out the paint, feathers, sequins and glittery card. I am quite crafty on my own, but add a toddler into the equation and it equalled utter carnage, (red hand prints on the floor, door frames, all over the bathroom and on the stair gates) but we had fun all the same! 

We managed to create a lovely little Valentine's peacock card using just card, feathers and a bit of glue, and if you're a bit wary of paint like I am, then feather crafts are definitely the way forward! 

This year, we aren't going out on Valentine's Day, not least because we couldn't get a babysitter. Instead, as we both enjoy cooking, we are going to cook something together. I find Mr F extremely hard to buy for, especially for Valentine's Day, so, totally inspired by an idea the lovely Alex at Bump to Baby posted, I have made a date night film basket for him filled with some bubbly, a voucher to watch a DVD of his own choice, popcorn, some fancy hot chocolate, a pot of obligatory pick 'n mix and a massive bar of Toblerone. Total sugar overload but it's a treat and something we can enjoy together.  

So all in all, it's a completely homemade Valentine's Day. Nothing over the top, no babysitter to pay and it's not really cost much at all. 

Are you doing anything to celebrate Valentine's Day? Let me know in the comments as I always love reading about what other lovely ideas people have!

 I love this pink cushion from Little One. He had it in his cot this morning and gave it to me when I went in to wake him up <3

 Little One's feather masterpiece. It was a total accident that it ended up looking like a peacock, so we have dubbed it the Valentine's love peacock. Feather's are a winner if you are a bit wary of paint but don't mind a spot of hoovering ;)

 A little homemade gift- a date night film basket. Who can say no to a bit of bubbly and a pot of pick 'n mix? 


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