Monday, 23 February 2015

{The Ordinary Moments 15} #8 'A very varied week'

We have had a funny old week this week and it's been pretty hectic at times. I am trying at the moment to have a bit more of a varied week. For the past few months we have got a bit stuck in a rut and our week has mostly revolved around going to some kind of soft play three times a week. This week, we have done all sorts of things and thought I would do a slightly different ordinary moments post from usual and share some of our ordinary moments from a very varied week as through the eyes of my iPhone. It's amazing looking back and seeing how much you can cram into one week...

 Mid week, Mr F was away for a couple of days working in Kent and Milton Keynes, so instead of our normal soft play visit, we decided to go and visit Little One's paternal grandparents. They only live 15 minutes away but we don't normally see them for spontaneous visits and we usually go with Mr F, so it made a nice change to just have a little impromptu morning coffee and play at their house and then a nice dinner in the evening. 

I went for a very rare night out with some of my lovely NCT friends on Saturday. It's not something I do very often at all, so it made a lovely change. I couldn't resist a night night cuddle with this little chap before I went though. I love this photo of us. It's only taken on my iPhone but I don't have many of the two of us together. I think the look on my face is that of pure love for this little pumpkin. 

We are trying to do a few different things at the moment to mix up our weeks a little. We are getting well and truly bored of the same old soft play visits and I think we go a little too often. At the weekend the weather was so so cold so we decided to drive over to Hull to visit The Deep aquarium. The queue was really long but Little One loved walking around on his reins and waving at all the fish and even some penguins too. The colourful ones were stunning. 

Following our little visit to the aquarium, we decided to steer clear of the cafe there as it was so busy. As it was raining we decided to treat ourselves to lunch at Pizza Hut. Little One loved the crayons but decided he wasn't hungry at all. We got home later that day and he had a horrid fever and was sick. He perked up really quickly though and was back to his usual bubbly self. 

Hopefully we will have more weeks like this where we don't just stick to the same old routine. I would love to get Little One into a playgroup or take him to a class and I can't wait to get outside in the spring. We are all craving the sunshine now! 

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  1. It's great to get out of a rut isn't it! Lovely photos - I love going to the aquarium, you've reminded me that I haven't taken the kids for ages!

    1. Hopefully I can stick to this change in routine! Thank you Lina- if ever you're in Yorkshire, I can recommend the Deep in Hull, but it can get a bit busy! Thank you for stopping by! x

  2. It's sometimes really nice to break routine isn't it, I know the feeling as we often stick to doing the same things each day. Sounds like you had a great and varied week, bar LO feeling poorly at the end of your Pizza Hut adventure. Love this style of post from you! xx

    1. Thank you Katie- something a bit different for me. Sometimes pictures speak louder than words and also when LO is ill I'm so tired I can't even write haha! I like our little routine but blimey, I can't wait for spring now, I'm so tired of cold weather and having to go to soft play now! xx


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