Wednesday, 25 February 2015

To my Little One at 19 months

To my dear Little One,

You are now 19 months old! I cannot quite believe where time is vanishing to- it feels like only a few days ago you turned 18 months. I was thinking a lot this week about how quickly time is going and as such, I have decided that we should really make the most of our days together before you start your school days- a little way off yet I know, but time doesn't show any sign of slowing down!

I really shouldn't take this time for granted, and sometimes I feel I do. I really want to make more effort to make our weeks a bit more exciting. We have got stuck in a bit of a rut with going to soft play a lot- recently we went 5 times in a week! We do love our little play dates with our friends though, and we usually go to meet them once a week. I know you love going, but there's so many other interesting things I'd love for you to experience and I know you'll enjoy. 

We took you on a little trip to The Deep aquarium in Hull recently. You loved walking around on your reins and even though it was busy, you were so well behaved and you loved waving at the fish. You got quite a fright when a huge stingray suddenly glided across the glass as you had your face pressed against the tank! It made Mummy and Daddy laugh a little...! 

You still love trips to the park but we haven't been much recently because it's been so cold! I can't wait for spring to arrive- I am so looking forward to taking you out in the garden so you can go on your swing and run around on the grass. We will enjoy picnic lunches on the grass and go and say hello to the horses across the road. Like I've said before, you're so easily pleased and you get so much pleasure from the simplest of things. You love your toys but you'll get so much enjoyment from just hitting some biscuit tins or saucepans with some wooden spoons and you'll sit for ages wheeling your tractor around making tractor sounds. Your attention span is far better than you Mummy's!

There haven't been that many changes over the past month. You're getting quicker on your feet and you look like you want to start running, which I'm sure you'll be doing confidently by spring. Your speech is really coming on well and you'll have a go at copying most words we say now. You are such a polite little man and my heart just swells with pride when you say "hello" or "bye bye" to the people at the supermarket checkout or in the hairdressers. You say "ta" or "thank you" and you will always give "yes please" a go. 

You have learnt both your cat's names and you will point at them and say Chloe or Lexie. Your face lights up when they enter a room and I think you'll share a very special bond as you grow older. They used to be quite scared of you but will now accept the odd cuddle or stroke on their back. 

You are one of the most affectionate people I have ever known and we love how you will stop what you are doing to come and give us a kiss or a cuddle. You have learnt to say "love you" and you always say it when Daddy leaves for work and when we say night night and it's one of the sweetest things I've ever heard in my life. One of your most endearing mannerisms is when you blow kisses at people when you say bye bye to them. It honestly makes me smile from ear to ear. 

At home you are quite a feisty little boy- you can be prone to the odd tantrum if you don't get your own way. Usually this is food related- you will want a cracker or a snack from the cupboard and it will be bedtime or lunch time- you will get quite upset but you will normally stop if I distract you with something more interesting than said cracker. At soft play, you will get quite cross with Mummy if you want a 30th go on the Little Tikes car when really we should have gone home half an hour before. 

On the whole, when we are out and about you are quite different. You are shy and timid and you will hide behind me, clinging onto my leg if you're nervous. I love how you rest your head on my shoulder and blush when you meet someone you don't know. You are so good and make us proud every day- today at the hairdressers (your 3rd haircut!) the hairdresser said how good you were. You sat quite happily watching Peppa Pig in the racing car and just let her cut your hair with no fuss. Please do this every time we go!

We love taking you on trips out but really there's nothing we all enjoy more than playing with Daddy in our little house. You love pushing us over, we giggle together, we make dens out of the sofa cushions and we crash out on the sofa and watch Peppa Pig and Fireman Sam. Our routine is the same every day, but you seem to thrive on this and you are such a happy little chappy, so we are happy too. 

Thank you for being such an angel. Mummy and Daddy love you more than you'll ever know.



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