Tuesday, 24 March 2015

A Colourful Easter Bonnet, Made by a Toddler

When we got a letter from Little One's nursery a couple of weeks ago asking if they could make an Easter bonnet at home, I was so excited. I have always loved crafty things and dreamed for years about being able to do little craft projects with my own little one. 'So exciting!' I thought, until they said it must be his own work. 'Blimey, that's quite a big ask for a 19 month old', I thought, so I started to have a little bit of a search on Pinterest for Easter bonnets made by toddlers. 

Surprisingly, there wasn't much on there at all, so I decided to gather a couple of little Easter craft ideas which could be done by a toddler, and then decided that we would somehow incorporate these ideas into our own, totally original bonnet! Of course, a 19 month old can't be expected to make their own Easter bonnet on their own- so this is how we made ours together. He did most of the work and I guided him. I thought I'd share it on here in case you feel inspired to make an Easter bonnet with your own little ones. 

We chipped away at making ours over the course of a week, doing a little bit most evenings before bathtime when Mr F was around to help. Also, if he got covered in paint and glitter, it didn't matter as he would be going for a bath anyway. 

What you will need:

*Thick piece of cardboard (part of a box will do)
*PVA glue
*Toddler-safe paints (Crayola washable paints work well)
*Flour, salt and water (for papier mache)

For the decorations (You can be as creative as you like, but this is what we used)
*Yellow Feathers
*Toilet roll tube
*Coloured shredded paper (we got a pack of 4 colours from Home Bargains for about £1)
*Googly eyes
*Easter chicks (we got a packet of 6 from Home Bargains)

1. Cut a circle shape out of a thick piece of cardboard. I drew around the rim of a straw hat. Poke a hold in the centre and cut slits from centre outwards like a wagon wheel. 

2. Blow up a balloon so the top half is roughly the same width as your little one's head. Push the balloon through the hole in the centre of the cardboard so the triangle bits stick upwards. 

3. Make a simple papier mache mix with flour, water and salt. We used the first recipe from this page. 

4. We did a first layer on the balloon with white paper and PVA glue, then once dry, we put a second layer of newspaper and papier mache mix on. We placed strips of paper joining the balloon to the cardboard rim so it would stay attached once the balloon was popped. 

5. Leave the papier mache at least 24 hours to dry and set properly. Once dry, you can have lots of fun painting the hat! We chose to paint the top green to look like a grassy hill and the rim baby blue as it's a nice spring colour. 

6. We covered the top of the grassy hill in PVA glue and Little One sprinkled on lots and lots of glitter. 

7. To decorate the bonnet, you can create simple flowers by doing paint handprints. We sprinkled glitter on them while the paint was still wet. You can also make a handprint chick using yellow paint. Just stick on two googly eyes and paint on an orange beak. 

8. The photo doesn't show it very well, but we made little fluffy chicks using toilet rolls cut in half. We painted them yellow, then Little One covered them in PVA and yellow feathers. He then chose some eyes to stick on (we left this up to him to choose so some chicks have 4 eyes!) Googly eyes would work better- we could only find these weird looking eyes. He then gave the chicks some hair by stuffing some yellow shredded tissue into the top of the toilet roll. 

9. We put PVA glue around the rim and Little One covered it in more shredded tissue to look like grass. The lilac shredded paper adds a bit more of an Eastery pastel colour. 

10. Stick on your toilet roll chicks and any other decorations you want to include around the rim using PVA glue. We added these chicks which we got from Home Bargains for 99p. We attached the handprint flowers and chick using pipecleaners.


Et voila! The finished Easter bonnet, proudly modelled by it's creator! I am so incredibly proud of him and how hard he worked at making his bonnet. Just by doing 5 or 10 minutes here and there, we avoided tantrums and he really seemed to enjoy it. 

Here are some clearer photos of the bonnet, which I took on my big camera. 



  1. Aw this is lovely- you both did such a good job! xx

    1. Thank you! It was so much fun! We don't normally do many crafty things but doing it in little bursts seemed to work a treat! xx

  2. This is awesome. And looks like so much fun to do! x

    1. Thank Alex- Ethan would love doing an Easter bonnet- so much fun! xx

  3. What patience you had to do it so steadily! Well done!!

  4. This is a great idea! I am going to give it a try with my two girls this Easter! Thanks!


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