Wednesday, 18 March 2015

A Mother's Day Surprise

Last Sunday was of course Mother's Day in the UK. It was my second ever Mother's Day, and as a treat, Mr F being the thoughtful person that he is, decided to organise a little Sunday morning outing for the three of us. I am terrible with surprises and he left me guessing what we were doing right up until we were on our way in the car (at which point I guessed where we were going!)

Living in big county like Yorkshire means there's always lots to see and do, and we are only ever a short drive away from exciting places to go on adventures or days out. Little One is quite into Thomas the Tank Engine at the moment (not quite as much as Peppa Pig though) so we went on a day out to have a ride on the Keighley Worth Valley Railway

It was such a lovely surprise that Mr F had organised something nice for us to do together. Taking Little One on a steam train was very special as it's something my Grandpa and Dad used to take me and my siblings on when we were little. 

The stations are all traditional and the train conductors wear traditional old fashioned uniforms. They even give you old fashioned ticket stubs. 

Little One was utterly fascinated by the steam train. He has got quite into watching Thomas the Tank Engine just before bath time in the evenings and he kept saying "choo-choo" at the train. 

Very deep in thought. I didn't want to disturb his reading :)

The railway line goes from Keighley through to a village called Oxenhope in West Yorkshire. We decided to get off in Haworth as it's such a gorgeous place and we thought we'd have a nice Mother's Day lunch there. 

Each station you pass through is so quaint and traditional. There are old fashioned benches, lanterns, signs and even old fashioned luggage carts with old leather suitcases on. I love little touches like that and it makes your day out feel even more special. 

There was a half mile walk from the station to the famous cobbled hill in Haworth and this little hiker walked the whole way there! Not bad for a 19 month old who's only been walking just over 3 months! 

If you haven't been to Haworth, this is the main street. It's so steep and is completely cobbled. The Tour de France rode up here last year. I was giggling as Little One was attempting to run down the hill, his little legs were getting so carried away and he was squealing in delight.

The famous literary family, the Brontes lived in Haworth. It has quite a Victorian feel about it and there are all sorts of gorgeous old fashioned trinkets located all over the village, like this old wheelbarrow filled with spring flowers. 

We opted for a less formal place to eat and went to a gorgeous little place called The Cookhouse. The food was just divine. I had hoped to get a dessert too, but I was just stuffed. 

A traditional Yorkshire platter which Mr F had, of course helped out by his trusty helper. 

After our tasty lunch, we had time for a little play in the park. It was so cold but at least it wasn't windy. As soon as I caught sight of these gorgeous purple, white and yellow crocuses under a weepeing willow tree, I thought I had to get a couple of photos. I think I even managed to get our Me and Mine family portrait for the end of March :) I do love this photo- it totally sums up his cheeky personality. 

Time to catch the train home again. It was such a lovely day and we can't wait to go on again in the summer. Thank you so much to my lovely Mr F for organising it for us. It was a very special Mother's Day. 



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  2. What beautiful photos- and what a lovely surprise for Mothers Day. My girls, especially LL would have been absolutely fascinated by the steam train. There is one near us that we have been meaning to go to for ages. What a lovely day out- you are such a beautiful looking family! xx

    1. Thank you Katie- it was a really lovely surprise, so nice that he organised something fun for us to do. Aw yes you should take your girls for a ride on a steam train! They'd love it. Haha well thank you- that's very sweet, I think we look pretty bedraggled most of the time ;) xx


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